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July 4, 2014

Movie Review: Wolf Creek 2 (2013, Unrated Version)

Reviewed By: Jimmy D.

I remember 9 years ago seeing the first Wolf Creek film in an empty theater on opening weekend. That film had me grabbing the arm bar and looking behind me constantly. Well our favorite serial killer Mick Taylor from the Australian outback is back after a long absence. For people who assume this is going to be the same formula and kills as the first film, you may be half right but Mick Taylor this time takes a more Freddy Kruger approach. John Jarratt you can just tell is having a good time with this character, and this time out it seems he is on a kick with the one liners and bad campy humor that Nightmare on Elm Street gave us.

The film starts off with these two police officer that decide to try and fuck with our outback terror in the form of pulling him over going 97 in a 100 lane. They pull him over when he clearly knew he did not break the speed limit and lets our two cops get their little rocks off harassing him and giving him a ticket. When they pull away and think it is all over is when he gets his revenge. Where the first film could be seen as more patient, this film is an adrenaline rush. You get some pretty intense kills with the police and then the film goes to a young couple who is backpacking and decides to camp out in the park. Things at first are ok; till they meet Mick Taylor who the female just knows the start something seems odd about him. The film from there is a cat and mouse game, which involves a guy who drives by in a jeep later in the film to help the girl escape.

While this is not as patient or suspenseful as the first film, I still loved the hell out of this film. I think the character of Mick Taylor is really showing he has more than one layer to his personality and mentality. The first film was a great introduction and probably killed tourism in the outback of Australia, this time it gets you moments that are so violent but throws in this light comedy that really make the character seem more sinister. The last half hour of this film really grabs the viewer by the throat and does not let up till the final scene.
The ending to this film really paints a new light on the story and where it could be heading if there is a third film.

Wolf Creek 2 delivers a horror experience that fans crave when they watch films like this. This film not only delivers but it was so worth the wait. Move over Jason and Freddy, there is a new horror icon on the map and the location is deep in the outback. I loved this film a lot.

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