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July 23, 2014

“Caesar and Otto” create first fully interactive Campaign!


From Fourth Horizon Cinema comes Writer/Director Dave Campfield’s newest  popular “Caesar and Otto” series, “Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween”. Se t up with a campaign through, with perks like associate producer, your own commentary, get eaten by the  beloved fan favorite Piggyzilla, autographed dvds and more, the goal is set to raise  a portion of the funding through the fans.  Campfield aims to make this the biggest release to date! But the most unique aspect of Campfield’s campaign is bonus short film he calls fully interactive. Fans by lines of dialog for actors like Sleepaway Camp’s Fellisa Rose, rocker Deron Miller, or scream queen Brinke Stevens. And in this interactive event, the sky is the limit. Once completed, the fan driven film will be featured on the DVD with the feature film and other special features.


So with his always talented cast set, cameo appearances, new-comer Josephine Ianesse turning heads, and fans behind Campfield, this unique campaign will be the next step to a new filmmaking experience. With pre-production started, and the story ready, filming is scheduled to begin in November, with a release date slated for 2015.

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