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July 6, 2014

Movie Review: Bloody Moon (Blu-ray)

                                               Review By:
                                               James D.

Jess Franco's Bloody Moon is his stab at the slasher film genre. Our main character, Miguel, we learn early on that he was sent away for murdering a woman who was turning him on. Well, years pass and he seems that he is healed and is set free from the asylum. He comes back to the scene of the crime which now is a resort his family owns and soon after he is back as you can guess, the body count starts to rise. Is Miguel truly healed, or is something worst going on? Bloody Moon is not Franco's best work nor is it anywhere near his worst, this film lies somewhere in the middle. It seems that when Franco goes away from his comfort zone as in films like this, he does try to resort to some of his old tricks which make this film really shine above your standard 80s slasher.

On the surface this film looks like your kill em up regular generic film, but this film has a brain to it, and does try to throw in a twist that makes you second guess the film you are watching. This film gained its fame by the circular saw killing/decapitation which if you have not seen it, you may want to rent or buy this film just for that. Did I say rent? Who the fuck is going to have this film for rent?  I think Bloody Moon will get lost between the crap of today and the silliness that people call horror for the last decade.

The dialogue and script in this film is horrible but then again, what would you expect out of 80s films beside the Halloween franchise which according to some has the Oscar worthy script. The 80s for horror to me was the absolute best time, you were basically scared shitless and really had fun. But, thanks to the 90s and Wes Craven having to downplay what that genre meant with the uber smart Scream and the birth of the internet, horror has become just a laughingstock and that is fucking sad. Fans will go into a horror film and be basically scared and cheering the whole time, had a blast then walk out and say the film sucked just to be cool. This film to me is just a great little horror film that with this incredible transfer is so worth the time. You get some cool kills, some camp performances and most of all cheesy fun. This is what you want out of a horror film, I would say seek this film out.

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