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August 21, 2014

Movie Review: Grindhouse Trailer Classics Vol. 1 (Intervision / Nucleus Films)

A few years back the U.K genre specialists at Nucleus Films produced their first of four volumes (up to now) of cult film trailer compilations entitled Grindhouse Trailer Classics. At the time it wasn't available for anyone outside of England unless you had an all-region DVD player...that is, until now. Severin Films’ sleazy little brother, Intervision have now locked their teeth into the region one debut of this collection with their new release making it even more available to the masses. If you have yet to see it, it’s a deliciously diabolical compilation of trash that shows some major love for the lost art of the trailer and grindhouse theaters of yesteryear.

This particular collection is pretty exhaustive as there are well over 2 hours of trailers with the different genres often associated with the grindhouse -- horror, sexploitation, kung fu, Blaxploitation, Nazisploitation and so on. Here's a list of most of what you’re going to catch on this first volume:

Autopsy, Fight For Your Life, Love Me Deadly, Bury Me An Angel, The Last House On The Left, The Street Fighter, Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde, Don’t Open The Window, The Human Tornado, Caged Virgins, Ebony, Ivory & Jade, Deadly Weapons, Torso, They Call Her One Eye, Death Ship, Master Of The Flying Guillotine, They Came from Within, The Thing With Two Heads, I Spit On Your Grave,The Toolbox Murders, The Executioner, House of Whipcord, Truck Turner, God Told Me To, Doctor Butcher M.D., Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, Night of the Bloody Apes, Blood Sucking Freaks, Ilsa: Harem Keeper Of The Oil Sheiks, The Single Girls, The Corpse Grinders, Zombie, Coffy, The Perils of Gwendoline, The Legend of The Wolf Woman, Satan’s Sadists, Disco Godfather, Let Me Die A Woman, The Doll Squad, Secrets of Sweet Sixteen, Cannonball, Sweet Sugar, Girls For Rent and much more.

It's nice to see some trailers of the classics on here like The Toolbox Murders, Zombie and the appropriately offensive Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks and Bloodsucking Freaks but what I haven't ever seen was what made this ride that much sweeter. Being a trailer geek I've seen tons of trailers but somehow I've missed the likes of the action the sexploitation films Sweet Sugar and Girls for Rent, which I got to see here. I also was pleasantly surprised to see that the hilarious trailer for Bury Me an Angel was included on the set.

The trailers generally look impressive, especially with all the wear and tear these go through being reeled through projectors over and over. Some definitely look and sound better than others but it's overall a pleasing presentation once you've rolled through the fifty-plus trailers on the set.

The extras on the disc include an extensive image gallery with posters and other promotional items and a nifty little featurette from director and part owner of Nucleus Films, Jake West (Evil Aliens). It's hosted by British cutie Emily Blunt and is titled Bump ‘N’ Grind. Here she goes into detail about the rise and fall of the grindhouse and its many great exploitation gems.  I do have to mention that the piece is written by Steven Thrower, writer of the excellent book Nightmare USA and covers many of the titles included on the disc.

After watching this first volume of Grindhouse Trailer Classics there is no denying it's a perfect fit for the Intervision catalog, so here's hoping for more collaborations between both companies. Intervision's release of Nucleus Films' Grindhouse Trailer Classics is a veritable Pu Pu Platter of sexploitation, blaxploitation, horror and all things in between that is well worth your time if you love wild and crazy previews.

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