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February 4, 2016

Lost and Found (New Sensations Romance - 2011)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - February 4, 2016

Starring :

Allie Haze
Lexi Belle
Kimberly Kane
Zoe Voss
Xander Corvus
Chad Alva
Tony De Sergio


In Lost and Found, David (Xander Corvus), a swinging bachelor who's tired of his old ways, can't believe his luck when Jen (Allie Haze) moves in next door. After being uncharacteristically at a loss for words, David is helped by his roommate, Steve (Chad Alva), who devises a scheme that is certain to bring Jen and David together. Is there no limit to what a man will do for a shot at love? Find out in this adorable romance about a man, a woman and the little pup that brought them together by nearly tearing them apart.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 58 mins.)

In the film, LOST AND FOUND, "David" is a young bachelor, who has has spent most of his young Adult life searching for love.  However most of his discoveries have resulted in only one night stands.  When his latest night out ends just as they always do, with the woman(Zoe Voss), just up and leaving the next morning, David is quick to voice his frustration to his couch potato roommates, Steve"(Chad Alva) and his girlfriend, "Vicky"(Kimberly Kane).  It is then that Steve and Vicky note David's attraction to the new neighbor, the attractive "Jen"(Allie Haze), who has just moved in.  David acknowledges his liking to the new girl next door, but can't fathom a way to break the proverbial ice.  David just so happens to run into Jen as she is out walking her dog, "Boz".  It is a rather casual exchange between the two, as "Boz" seems to take to David.  Ironically it is "Boz", that would soon set things in motion.  That's because, soon when Jen leaves the house to go shopping with her friends "Meg"(Lexi Belle) and "Roger"(Tony De Sergio), "Boz" gets out, and somehow ends up in David's backyard.  When he finds him, he reports it to Steve and Vicky, and it is Steve that has a radical idea.  It's an idea that he believes will get David closer to the girl of his dreams.  Steve thinks that they should hide the dog, while David pretends to know nothing of his whereabouts.  Steve thinks it's a surefire plan, but David, the nice guy doesn't go for it....initially.  However things change when David goes to return "Boz", only to find Jen isn't home.  And of course when David returns home, things sort of gravitate to Steve's original plan.  The roommates hide "Boz", and soon, David and Jen develop a relationship as they do things such as go on walks and post up missing posters around town.  David knows that he has done wrong to arrive at this point, but loves the attention and affection that Jen gives to him.  Which makes it even more complicated, when the two start to fall for one another.  It is at that point, that David is faced with a dilemma.  He knows that he must return "Boz" eventually, but will doing so cause a rift in the good thing that he has found with Jen?  As it turns out, he would eventually have no choice but to finally tell Jen, when Steve and Vicky mistakenly let their cover slip.  Jen, is of course, is devastated by the revelation, and vows to never speak to, or see David even again.  But, as with every great story, fate soon steps in, when it is "Boz", the dog that started the whole ordeal, that brings them back together again.

Yes, while it may be true, that there are a countless number of films out there that deal with two lost souls finding love together, and eventually living happily ever after, it is a formula that is timeless because it remains true to life.  I myself have seen my share of romance films, but no matter how many of these stories that I have watched play out in my time, I will always appreciate films that option to go about it cleverly.  And that is exactly what we have with LOST AND FOUND, an Adult romantic comedy written by Mona Sunoy, and directed by Eddie Powell.  Yes it is a film, again, about finding love, however it offers up a fun little plot device, in order to set up its story.  And that plot devise happens to be a missing dog.  A 4 year old Boston Terrier named "Boz"(short for Bosley).  When her dog goes missing, Jen, his owner, goes into a panic.  However, in reality, Boz isn't missing at all.  It is all part of plan orchestrated by David and his friends(more so the friends).  The idea behind the scene is that, David really digs Jen.  She is fresh from a divorce and has just moved in next door, so what better way for David to get to know her than to pretend to help her look for her supposedly missing dog? Agreed that it is shady, but the plan does work for awhile, as they are able to keep Boz out of sight, and David and Jen do become closer as time moves on.  As they get to know more about one another the two fall madly in love.  But still, the problem remains - that David must eventually give up the secret which he has been hiding.
This romantic comedy moves in a nice progressive manner that remains interesting and fun through out.  We get to know each of film's characters via a variety of fun scenes, but of course most of the film's focus remains on its leads, "David" and "Jen", whom we get to know a great deal.  I liked how these characters grew over the course of the film.  Instead of presenting long and drawn out back stories for each, a key moment in the film comes when the characters are out for a walk.  Within the exchange of dialogue between them, they give details about their lives up until that point.  Jen has never been able to find someone who will be loyal to her, and the most loyal thing in her life has been her dog, "Boz".  Not to mention that she is also recently divorced.  David on the other hand, is a lot less complicated.  He has grown comfortable with the sort of swinger life, as he just has not found the "right one".  While on the surface, this particular exchange may not seem like a lot, however, I feel that it is a great piece of writing as it brings the viewer into the now, in terms of who these characters are.  As the film progresses, we grow to really care for these characters, which makes the big reveal near the end so dramatic.  We don't want to see these two apart.  Which brings us to the next addition to the story.  That moment where the two finally realize that what they have is truly love.  This sequence plays out beautifully I must say.  As it goes, Jen takes "Boz" home after the falling out with David.  However, soon, Jen notices that "Boz" is acting strangely.  He doesn't want to come to her when she calls him, and just lies there.  It would appear that he too, has taken things pretty hard.  Because like his owner, he too really liked David as well.  It is a really sweet and unexpected development, as is what happens next.  Jen then realizes that maybe ending things on a bad note with David, wasn't the best resolution and that she should apologize.  This sets up a truly heartwarming scene that again, involves "Boz".  David answers a knock at the door, only to find "Boz" perched in the door way, with a charm on his collar, which reads, "I Miss U", with Jen not far behind.  This was such a sweet way to end the story portion of the film.  It's heartfelt, and truly romantic in every sense of the word.  A brilliant conclusion.  one that I must admit, brought a tear to my eye!

The acting performances here are all great, as each of the Actors bring their characters to life vividly.  As I have hinted at above, I really liked Xander Corvus, and Allie Haze as "David" and "Jen" respectively. I feel that they were excellent choices for their particular roles.  Xander is both totally likable, and believable as the bachelor who's finally fed up with the single life, and wants to find true love.  While Allie is a hot divorcée, who has just started a new chapter in her life.  She isn't not one who's had a great history when it comes to love and relationships, so she isn't exactly looking for it when love finds her.  Haze fits the mold which the script creates to a tee.  She's hot, so it's no wonder as to why David falls for her so quickly, and also she is very likable, which lends itself greatly to the film's romantic element.  Elsewhere, the film also has a few rather interesting supporting characters as well.  There's Lexi Belle, who plays Jen's best friend, "Meg".  Meg, although she has good intentions at heart, is a bit of a self-centered spaz, who is often out of touch with reality because of it.  This leads to some funny moments involving Belle, who plays it up nicely.  At Meg's side his her boyfriend "Roger", played by Tony De Sergio.  And last but not least, are David's presumably stoner roommates "Steve" and "Vicky"  Who want to do no more than play video games and fuck.  Both Chad Alva and Kimberly Kane do an hilarious job at creating these two, whose permanent residence seems to be on the couch.  When it comes to comedy, they are the most comedic thing about LOST AND FOUND.  One of the things that piqued my interest in reviewing this film was indeed this cast.  LOST AND FOUND features a top notch cast(and "Boz" is truly a star, too!) that really makes this a fun one overall.

In the end, I have to say that I really enjoyed LOST AND FOUND, and it's clever approach to the love story format.  I loved the setup, the development, and later the outcome.  It is a well rounded romance offering that seems to hit all of the right emotional marks, all while pulling at your heartstrings(I'm telling you, that last moment of the story really got me!).  When it comes to being one for the couples crowd, it is nearly perfect. (Apparently, this film is also available heavily edited, of course, for TV broadcast, under the name SEX PETS[truly awful title].  But of course, I would recommend seeing this one as is)

And when it comes to the sex scenes, the film features 4 boy/girl pairings. The general feel when it comes to these scenes is that the Director seems to have been more concerned with capturing the emotion of the acts, as opposed to the explicitly.  For most of the action, this does not get in the way of what we see, and in some ways, it even adds to the the effectiveness.  This is especially true when it comes to the film's final sex scene.  Where our characters "David" and "Jen", finally make love.  It is filled with much believable passion, which is why that particular scene is my favorite scene of the set.  However, among the others, the two that stand out the most here, are the second scene, which pairs Lexi Belle(She was initially one of the reasons that I wanted to see this) up with Tony De Sergio, and the third scene, which sees Kimberly Kane and Chad Alva go at it. 

My score : 8/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Zoe Voss and Xander Corvus
The film opens with "David"(Xander Corvus) bringing a woman(Zoe Voss) to his place after a night out, and heading right into a sexual encounter in the bedroom.  As they passionately kiss, Xander slowly works down to Zoe's pussy, where her services her with his mouth,  He tongues, sucks and spreads her lips wide, before turning her to her side, to work her hole. more.  The camera then goes into closeup, as Xander's cock is whipped out, and Zoe begins to suck and stroke.  Things then continue in a bit of a 69 position, before heading to spoon, where Xander slips it in, and works it in and out.  Closeups keep focus on the emotion of the situation,  Spoon soon goes to doggy, where things heat up as the pace quickens.  This is before things go briefly to cowgirl, where we get a closeup of the penetration.  After cowgirl comes missionary, where Xander maintains the fast pace, before he most pull out to cum on to Zoe's mound and stomach. - An ok scene to start with with some passionate action.  However, I felt that the positions changed too abruptly.

Scene 2 : Lexi Belle and Tony De Sergio
After getting into a bit of a spat over the "art direction" of the missing dog fliers that "Meg"(Lexi Belle) is designing for "Jen"(Allie Haze), "Meg" and "Roger"(Tony De Sergio) engage in sex.  It begins with kissing, and with Lexi kissing him all over, before Lexi goes down on his cock and balls - both licking and sucking.  As Lexi continues to slurp his cock, Tony reaches into her pants to finger, before her stretch pants come all the way off.  Tony fingers her from the front, as Lexi strokes him off.  This is before Tony goes in the eat her pussy from behind.  What follows is more passionate kissing and groping from behind, before Tony eats more, before putting his cock in.  From behind in doggy, Tony drives his cock into Lexi's hole for a period.  The camera angles change various times, with the most interesting view being underneath.  Things then go to cowgirl, as Lexi rides Tony's cock.  While being pounded her nice ass bounces.  From here, things go to missionary, as Tony continues to hit it hard. The position the natural goes into spoon, and then to a side fuck position, where the camera gives us a nice showing of the penetration of Lexi's pussy.  Tony keeps the pace going, before having to pull out, as he cums on Lexi's bush to end scene. - This was a good scene.  I just love Lexi, who, yes is one of my very favorites in the biz.  She always brings a lot of energy to her scenes, she's both cute and sexy as hell, and has a great ass and pussy.  Yes, I like her!

Scene 3 : Kimberly Kane and Chad Alva
After another round of video games on the couch, "Steve"(Chad Alva) and girlfriend "Vicky"(Kimberly Kane) take to that very couch for a round of sexual activity.  They begin by feeling each other up, before Chad goes in between Kimberly's legs.  Kissing her stomach, he soon goes to tongue and suck her pussy, along with some finger play.  Chad then sits back when Kimberly begins to slurp his dick.  Stroking the cock with both hands, she specifically works the head, before deep throating Chad.  From there, Kimberly bounces on the couch in cowgirl.  She rides at a nice steady pace, until the pace picks up.  After this, things proceed to Doggystyle, as Chad keeps up the pounding from behind.  After doggy comes spoon, where Kimberly's bush comes into full view, as Chad continues to ram her opening.  The camera eventually goes on to give us an ever closer look, before things transition to missionary, where Chad proceeds to pound her hard.  Multiple camera views keep us into the action at hand.  From this position, Chad keeps things going until he must unload.  And he does so when he sprays his load onto Kimberly's stomach. - This was a great scene, with a nice setup between the characters. Kimberly brings to the scene, both enthusiasm and energy, as well as some dirty talk.

Scene 4 : Allie Haze and Xander Corvus
In the final scene, all is seemingly forgiven, as newfound lovers finally give into their sexual desires. "David"(Xander Corvus) and "Jen"(Allie Haze), soon take to a bed, where they first passionately make out.  This lasts for a time as the passion sets in, before Allie goes on to unzip Xander.  With his cock out, Allie continues to lick, suck and stroke, while also attending to his balls.  From there, Xander goes to tongue Allie's pussy briefly, before things go into missionary.  It is here, that Xander keeps the pace nice and steady as he begins the in and out process.  A closeup soon gives us a good view of the penetration, as Xander also fingers her.  After, we find Allie on top, as she bounces on Xander's cock in cowgirl.  The view alternates from front to back, giving us views from both sides.  And from there, things continue in missionary.  The action ranges from soft to hard, as the pace picks up before the scene finishes.  Things come to an end when Xander lets go of a nice load onto Allie's bush and stomach. - A great scene filled with lots of passion.  It is one that totally plays up the romantic aspect of the story, in that it is a sex scene which allows itself to build upon the tension.  It is a perfect example of a great scene within the realm of couples themed features.  Definitely a job well done by the performers.

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