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August 14, 2014

Movie Review: Purely Physical / Cat House Fever

Vinegar Syndrome seems to be digging more and more into their already massive library of adult films for 80's porn titles. Much of what's been released has been from the 70's so it's definite plus seeing titles from the era where porn on film soon became porn on video. Their double-bill of Purely Physical and Cat House Fever come from director Chris Warfield (aka Billy Thornberg, Garters and Lace, Sheer Panties) and are still thankfully on film.

First up, we get Purely Physical starring Laura Lazare (who also narrates) as Kathy, a young woman just starting a new job at a hotel that caters to people who just like to show up and bang. She likes fantasizing about the guests so it's a perfect fit for this horny young lass. There’s a nice variety of clientele: from virgins enjoying their first time, a chubby rich guy and his whore and even a business woman (Played by the legendary Aunt Peg) who likes to diddle her lady parts while peeking in a make-up mirror.

Cat House Fever has a similar and very simple feel that Purely Physical has -- and even has some more dandy narration. Nothing at all extravagant here with the story and sets just a whole lot of screwing. Instead of the story being told through the eyes of a front desk clerk at a hotel it's by a few young hookers. Fans of legendary porn stud Hershel Savage will be happy to see him as he opens the film in an energetic sex scene with one of the girls before she goes off to the cat house to sell her goods. Savage doesn't get the attention that Ron Jeremy and actors like Peter North do but I'll be damned if he's not one of the hardest working woodsman ever to blow a load on camera.

There are some comical moments as some of the girls make a valiant attempt at making flaccid guy sprout his manhood. The girls pull and tug and pull some more at the taffy between his legs with no results. He’s probably the only guy that doesn’t get up for these girls. If you have a hankering for naked gals getting “clean” in a tub you’ll be happy to know there is also a lesbian sex scene with a few soapy dames getting extra damp.

The extra features are limited to a trailer for each film. With two movies on one disc though, I think there is plenty here for what you are paying. Both transfers look very impressive, with bright colors and no noticeable damage to the film elements. Vinegar Syndrome continues to put out some of the nicest looking Golden Age porn of any company.

Overall, both Purely Physical and Cat House Fever are an enjoyable addition to Vinegar Syndrome's Peekarama line of double-feature releases. If ya dig no nonsense 80's smut, give this disc a shot. Recommended

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