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October 25, 2010

Movie Review: Forced Entry

Adult films are rarely known for their potent narrative. The crossing of genres - Horror, action, science-fiction - in current porn is quite rare. Aside from the occasional Vivid production (which are mostly parodies), you don't see this too much – if so, it’s executed poorly. In the '70s and even the early '80s , their were many prime examples. One early example of a film that truly crosses two genres, is Shaun Costello's (Midnight Desires, Hot Dreams, Passions Of Carol, Pandora's Mirror and the amazing, Waterpower). Forced Entry - starring Costello's friend at the time, and porn legend, Harry Reems (Deep Throat, Devil in Miss Jones).

Forced Entry, has some interesting history behind it. This film is essentially one of the first - if not the first - features to combine graphic violence with hard-core sex. Forced Entry tells the depressing story of Vietnam veteran (Harry Reems, in an exceptionally skuzzy role), traumatized by flash-backs of his tumultuous tour-of-duty. This certainly doesn't help with the fact that he is also a psychotic and hates woman. His tools of destruction are a gun, a very large blade and his penis. This movie is not an easy watch. It's hardly comparable to Grandmothers Lust or some random Bukkakke offering – it’s just a different type of disturbing. Forced Entry was shot on 16 mm, around 1972-1973 in one day; and is known as one of Costello's most famous "one day wonders". The editing and the insertion of horrific Vietnam war stock footage gives Forced Entry such an authenticism it's hard to erase it from your mind. Forced Entry is gritty, grimy and startlingly voyeuristic in its presentation. You can literally smell what’s on the screen. It has an intensity and realism that will knock - similar films with higher budgets and longer shooting schedules - on their ass.

Forced Entry is presented in its original aspect ratio 4:3 Fullscreen with English Dolby Digital. The DVD is an import but plays fine on most American DVD players (played well on all of mine). Several European subtitle options are included also. The audio and picture quality for Forced Entry are by far the best it's ever looked. Don't expect any thing spectacular as these elements have issues, but they are the only available. It's not surprising considering the age - and the fact it's a adult film. The previous unlicensed bootleg of this title, looked abysmal, just barely watchable. It's obvious, even with its flaws - color loss, some hiss in the track - this is the best version of Forced Entry available. Before the start of the film there is some information about the materials used in this presentation.

Extra features are solid, as with the other Costello Collection DVD’s. Here’s what you get: A booklet on Shaun Costello’s journey in the world of adult entertainment, a candid text interview with Cinematographer Maryse Alberti, a text interview with Costello, the recipe for a “Forced Entry” cocktail and finally, another text extra with more recollections from Costello on the production of Forced Entry. All extras are in English.

Costello’s, Forced Entry is a hard-hitting bastard of a film. Yes, it has hardcore sex but it’s never once titillating. It isn’t meant to be. Pink Flamingo Entertainment has given great DVD treatment to one of the most shocking films ever produced.

If your interested in Forced Entry or any of the other films in The Shaun Costello Vintage Porn Collection, be sure to go to Pink Flamingo’s website:

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