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October 24, 2010

Movie Review: Dead Snow (Blu-Ray)

Those damn Norwegians. Seriously, man! Why can’t I just be left alone with my own cool ideas? I mean, Nazi zombies… I thought I had the market cornered. Raise a little cash, make a movie about Der Fuhrer’s shambling undead and rake in the cash.

Damn Norwegians. Not only did they make my movie, but they made it better than I could have.

I dug Dead Snow. From beginning to end, plot hole to plot hole, physical impossibility to physical impossibility, this film just rocked. Set in modern day Norwegia (I kid, its Norway , even though I did go to public school), a group of hikers go to a cabin to drink, carouse, get laid, etc. While there, they find a stash of Nazi gold from the time during World War II when the Nazis occupied the small town. Taking Nazi gold doesn’t sit well with the indigenous Nazi zombie population and, well, you can garner the rest. What Dead Snow becomes, though, is a fun as hell, Raimi-esque gorefest filled with slapstick humor. What works so well about Dead Snow is, once the undead Nazis get going, it speaks in the universal language of the horror film. Gore, blood, gore, entrails, blood and some more blood.

This is a great movie from director Tommy Wirkola. Technically, it is gorgeous with some amazing winter-clad Norway landscape camera work and a beautiful attention to detail. That, of course, won’t matter to the blood and guts crowd, but, whatever, this is my review. Oh, and if you like it now, wait until some douchebag American company ‘re-imagines’ it and casts the former Cosby Show kids as Nazis. Mmmm. Can’t wait.
IFC Films, the distributor of Dead Snow, has been releasing some quality genre pieces in the past year. Stay tuned for reviews on I Sell the Dead and Pontypool .

Dead Snow is available on DVD and BluRay from IFC Films. If you want to check it out, use the handy dandy link to the left there and give a little something back to the Cheese.

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