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January 23, 2009

James DePaolo

Hello Cheese-ites... I am James DePaolo. You may ask yourself, "So, what does James DePaolo bring to Cinema Head Cheese?" Well, let me tell you... ummm... absolutely not a fucking thing. Will work for screeners. My father was the lead singer in Rammstein, and my mom was a groupie for Paul Anka. I met my wife on a blind date. Actually, me and her seeing eye dog dated first. My therapist said me and my wife need to talk more during sex. Hold on, I am getting a phone call from the motel down the road. I went to the movies today and the sign said no one under 17 admitted, so I had to find 16 people to go with me. I went to the library today and said "Excuse me, I would like a cheeseburger and a coke," and she looked at me and said, "You idiot it is a library," so i thought for a second and whispered, "I would like a cheeseburger and a coke." My neighbor has a donkey and I have a rooster. One day her donkey ate my rooster. What did we get? Six inches of cock in her ass. A horse goes into a bar, and the bartender looks and says, "Why the long face?" Joan Rivers goes into a bar, and the horse looks at her and says, "Why the long face?" A redneck goes into a bar and says "Excuse me, I want a 15." The bartender says, "Sir, what is that?" and the redneck looks at him and says "You idiot, it is a 7 and 7."

Check me out at the Cheese or with Fearshop Mike.

You guys rule..and I am James. Thanks

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