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January 31, 2009

Jeff Dolniak

Bio by David Hayes

Jeff Dolniak is a walking miracle. Although his early years are obscured in the carnival trade, the first known record of Jeff's existence appears in a local Chicago-land paper dated August 17, 1983. The headline read, "Carnival Girl-Boy Only Survivor of Fire." Unfortunately, Jeff's memory from before the fire is lost forever, but the strides his life has taken since the abrupt end of his freak show career have been remarkable. Although cursed with a rare form of dyslexia that only affects punctuation marks, Jeff has become an author of some note. In addition, he is the Southwest's foremost expert on independent, exploitation cinema and is the producer of the popular 42nd Street Forever series of DVDs. Maybe harkening, unconsciously, to his early performance years, Jeff has also turned himself into a thespian of some note. Jeff has starred in the seminal bad movie, Blown, as well as genre classics like Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant (as a female, fruit-hooker), Oscar-nominee The Virgin Murders (no, Jeff did not die in the film) and Crushed Velvet (as a portly slob). Even though Jeff's accomplishments are many, he is still plagued by the physical deformity that began his travelling freak show career. In the hearts of both of his fans, though, Jeff's deformity is invisible and the Girl-Boy is definitely All-Man.

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