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January 4, 2011

"Uncle Farts' '70s Grindhouse Sleazefest" Coming Soon!!

In this animated and live-action collection, the always inappropriate Uncle Farts and his sex-starved nephew Scooper are just settling in for a raunchy 1970s Soft-Core DVD Marathon when their prudish nosy neighbor blows the whistle, and their house is raided by the authorities! Luckily, it's the Vice Squad that arrives, and soon Uncle Farts and the whole gang kick back to enjoy four sleazy gems from the grindhouse era: Sex Odyssey, Dionysius, Honky Tonk Nights (starring Carol Doda, Georgina Spelvin of The Devil in Miss Jones and Serena of Pleasure Palace)and Satan's Daughter. More offensive than Family Guy and featuring crappier animation than South Park, UNCLE FARTS' '70s GRINDHOUSE SLEAZEFEST contains over three hours of soft-core sex films from the weird, wacky and very hairy '70s, delivered by our favorite cartoon family, Uncle Farts and Scooper "the boy wonder". The price is a meager $19.99 for this hanky soaker and is set for release on 3/22/11.

Only from Independent Entertainment and MVD Visual!

Pre-order at MVD's website here:

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