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January 1, 2011

Interview: NecroCOMICon

Heather Henshaw chats it up with the boys of NecroCOMICcon.

As many of you know I am a big time horror buff and I also think that there are not enough shows out there that cover the topic of horror; let alone topics that go with the subject such as comics. I saw post going up about this new show in the works called NecrCOMICon. It sparked my interest so I had a talk with Rob Dimension, Pigamortis, and Demonica the stars of this so called bright idea. What did I get myself into is the real question.

HH - So there has been some talk of this new internet show you guys are doing, the name of it is NecroCOMICon. What’s it about and how does it vary from Late Night at the Horror Hotel?

Dimension - Well, I’m glad there is talk; I thought we were the only ones! I think once we get rolling, this and Late Night at the Horror Hotel will be totally different. Since with NecroCOMICon we are dropping the movie, I think you will see more story, more sketch comedy bits, reviews and stuff that the geek population cares about.

Sal (The voice behind Pig) and I are really Nerds….that’s the best way to explain it. I know the trend is to be nerdy or geeky, but we really are. Conversations between us go from Dungeons and Dragons, to Comic titles to upper decking in someone’s bathroom. Yep, it’s like that.

Late Night was really John’s and my project. We worked hard to get it started and I am proud of what we ended up with. I think, for me, this will be a better fit for what I enjoy. While I still LOVE horror, I also have other things that occupy my time. The more I have written the TV format, I have really wanted to explore other avenues too.

NecroCOMICon will be a 15 minute show that will be us, probably talking about our thoughts of the week. When we write, Sal and I write together now…..we both have a similar sense of humor, so the more ridiculous, the better.

Pigamortis - talk? Who's talking? What have you heard?
Wellllllllllllllllll the name is different. Is that what you mean? It saves us on neon.

Demonica –It will be really different as they are moving away from doing the horror hosting to doing something like a sitcom. They have written stuff from my character of Demonica that got me excited to play the part. The constant ad-libbing that they do make it fun to be on set with Sal & Rob. I’m really looking forward to see some of the finished product.

HH - It seems that there are going to be new roles in NecroCOMICon. The only one who stays the same is Pigamortis. What are the new roles for Dimension, such as Mooch, and who is this leading lady Demonica?

Dimension – The Mooch character is something that came out of nowhere. I was told by a director to not keep using the name Rob Dimension, it could lead to people believing that, basically, that’s me. Plus, Mooch is a funny name and I, honestly, am a Mooch and scumbag…hey, just telling the truth…so it just fit well.

Pigamortis, since he wasn’t over utilized, as we had had problems getting our show finished (production difficulties), I feel that people really didn’t a chance to see enough of him. Pigamortis is a great character and people genuinely love watching him. We have good chemistry together and we can ramble on.

Demonica was simply brought in because it’s hard to go outside of your inner circle. Kim is actually, my Wife off the show…we have been together for nearly 20 years, so we know each other. Anytime you work on a project, it’s hard to get others to put forth the effort, since it impacts her directly….she will be great. We have run into constant problems once we brought others in, this way…it’s a small, in-house operation. We will all have disagreements, but that’s part of it.

Pigamortis - Well we decided to keep the real talent on the show so of course they left me... Demonica was my uncles' personal... ummmm ASSISTANT. Yeah let’s go with that. Mooch? Well, I let him hang around. I'm big on charity.

Demonica - Mooch is just Rob, but a little more obnoxious than what I’m use too. He is a ham in front of any camera; he will be mooching it up for all to see. Pigamortis is going to shock people by his ability to roll with things, very smart and witty.

Demonica – is the head demon in charge of protecting the Necronomicon. But her boss hired his nephew Pigamortis & Mooch to help her. You will see how she is willing to do anything to protect the book and where it is located. But how much will Pigamortis & Mooch get in the way of protecting the book is still to be seen.

HH - Do you think this show will gather a bigger following due to covering comics and horror? Will it be equal at horror and comics or aimed more at one than the other?

Dimension – We are really hoping so. We have looked around online and haven’t seen anything like what we want to do. By involving more topics and interests, we hope that we can cover a very large audience. We are hoping to be unique, fun and watchable…the latter being the key.

It will still have a Horror based theme, revolving around the plot that Pig and Mooch have taken over protection of this warehouse, that’s home to the Necronomicon. Demonica works for Jeb, Pigamortis’ Uncle who is the keeper of the Book of the Dead…little do they know that Pig and Mooch are NOT the sharpest tools in the shed. The duo figure that naming the place NecroCOMICon and making it a comic shop, the book will be safe….duh, they never learn.

Pigamortis - Horror is our #1 love. We do however have other interests that we share with LOTS of other people out there. I don't think there is a formula for what we will do, as far as 50% Horror 50% Comics or anything like that. We are simply gonna cover what interests us. Pretty Selfish, huh?

Demonica - I really hope so. We want to get our name out there, not only Horror Website & conventions, but also Comic Websites, Comic shops & Comic Conventions. All 3 of us are extreme horror fans, plus with each of us also having a love for Comics & Gaming, (as I’m a recovering WoW addict) it will put a good twist to what Rob & Sal are trying to accomplish.

HH - Will this show have a lot crude humor? Can I play if for my grandma and the kiddo’s?

Dimension – When we started, we were gonna run the same, clean formula…as we have progressed in our 1st shoots and script writes, we have gone more on the mark, of who we really are. So, it will probably end up Web only and not aimed for kids….or your Grandma. We were told before; our perfect demographic would be the stoners and gamers…so that’s our plan.

Vulgar is what we thrive on….in real life, Sal and I are very over the top and neither of us have a filter. Kim will have the toughest time adjusting, while she enjoys the craziness..she actually HAS a filter.

Pigamortis - *fart* I'm sorry what? *slaps grandma's ass* Hey, sweet tits how bout you hobble your wrinkly ass into the kitchen and get me a beer.

And to be fair, Mooch isn't allowed within 400yds of a school or "kiddos" so... you know.

Demonica - Well, I really wouldn’t recommend kids or grandma to watch the show. Once these guys get on a roll, I’m sure an F Bomb or 2 might drop. Warning for the innocent ears.

HH - Is anyone safe from this show?

Dimension - Good question…probably not. We are VERY opinionated and passionate about what we believe in, our opinion is important to ourselves. If we don’t like something, we will mention it…if we enjoy something, we will get the word out. It’s basically how we are but now it will be in front of the camera. I figure we will ruffle feathers with some, but it comes with the territory.

Pigamortis - Not on my watch.

Demonica – With Rob & Sal, no one is safe… not even me. They have no problem offending anyone or anything at anytime. So I’m sure this will show on.

HH - Does the also upcoming podcast, Epic Fail play in to the show or is that just a separate addition?

Dimension – Epic Fail will be more of a discussion show. It’s our first attempt at a podcast and we just want an hour to talk more about whatever we are on that week. My interests float around frequently, so topics will be a mix of things. This will be an additional way for sponsors, game creators or directors to get their products out there. It will be available all the time and our plan is for a new one each week…if we are pissed and want to vent, we might have an additional. Regardless, I’m excited.

Pigamortis - This again is a thinly veiled attempt to saturate the media with our mugs and forcing people to listen and pay attention to us.

HH- Will all three of you be involved in the podcast? If so will any of the story plots roll in to both shows?

Dimension – It will be Pig and Mooch involved, I’m sure we will have Demonica on from time to time, but it will be mostly us. We also have Alicia that works behind the scenes and I am sure she will chime on all things nerderific. It will just be another way for our voices to be heard.

Pigamortis - You're a nosey lil bastard arent you? I guess you'll just have to tune in to see/hear :)

HH - You agreed to the interview so that cancels out me being a nosey bastard.

HH - I have seen some of the production pics will there be any deaths in the show NecroCOMICon?

Dimension – Besides our careers? What kind of a show would we be, if we didn’t have deaths? Seriously...I am sure Mooch will get killed off and be back the next week, unscathed numerous times. The show will find its groove once we get started. We are developing more ideas every day, it depends on our mood and what we think is funny at the time. We are very “Fly by the ass of our pants” types and roll with the flow. We will shoot tons of stuff, some stuff will make it in, other stuff that doesn’t work will be scraped…just part of the process.

Pigamortis - The real question is when will there NOT be deaths in the show...

Demonica – Oh, the pics of Demonica about to kill Mooch? Haha, I’m sure there will be some death and dismemberment. Demonica’s job is to protect the Necronomicon, so if anyone gets in the way of that, I will gut them like a fish.

HH- Will Mooch try to run things and take over Demonica’s ruling?

Dimension – Mooch truly believes that every girl wants him; he is super smart and knows everything. While in reality, none of that is true. He falls for all of Pigamortis’ traps, he has 0 clue about Women and couldn’t think his way through the log in page on Hotmail (which he has an acct because he feels due to his great looks). As you will see, Mooch is madly in love with Demonica but she wants nothing to do with him, kinda like real life. So to answer, it’s likely he will try to but extremely unlikely he would ever succeed.

Pigamortis - Mooch couldn’t run a treadmill.

Demonica - As Mooch is all about thinking he is right and god’s gift to women, I sure he will think he is in charge from time to time, but it will be up to me to get him back in check. He will be killed for his insubordination, or maybe just for fun.

HH - Pigamortis and Demonica how do you put up with Mooch and his shenanigans, and will you guys finally take him out?

Dimension – (As Mooch) – I have the shenanigans because of my Irish heritage, it runs in the family and I go to the Doctors for it…..and if you guys are taking me out…how about Friendly’s? I love Ice Cream.

Pigamortis - As I have stated in the past, i am all about giving... I like to work with the retarded. And I wouldn’t take Mooch out for a HAPPY MEAL.

Demonica - You will see Demonica shake her head and roll her eyes when Mooch is up to something. It will only be a short while before Demonica attempts to take him out for good. He is always under her skin. Even in real life. So it will be fun to get a few chances to live my dream and the dream of anyone that has had the pleasure to get to know him of watching him die by my hands. Muhahaa

There are not many shows out there for our kind. I hope this show can start a new wave for all horror, comic, and just in general off the wall shows and genres. NecroCOMICon will be fun to see I think it will be a great slapstick show to entertain all with exception of my grandma (I don’t think my grandma wants a dead pig to slap her ass). I hope you all will check it out this coming January. You can always get more info on the show at the homesite If you do not check this out well I hopeDemonica comes for you or Mooch drives you insane.

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