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January 15, 2011

Movie Review: Chinese Kamasutra (1993)

See that gorgeous stripper on the cover of One 7’s release of Joe D’amato’s sleazy oddity, Chinese Kamasutra? Enjoy that photo on the cover all you want, because that’s the only place your going to see her, as unfortunately this lovely tart doesn’t make an appearance anywhere in the feature. It's a shame that the cover model so prominently displayed is absent but the sexy Georgia Emerald does what she can to heat up this 1993 D'Amato entry . While not as sexy as the mystery tramp-stamp covered stripper on the box, she’s still very pleasing to the eye when in the buff. I know, it's minor, but it is the cover.

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Georgia Emerald plays Joan Parker, an uptight gal who works in a library in China. She'd rather crack open a dusty old book than enjoy the carnal pleasures of being a sexually liberated woman. We soon find out that even this frigid lass can get the juices flowin' when she discovers a beaten-down, ragged copy of the Chinese Kamasutra . She just can’t bear to have it open to long as it's power is unlike anything she's come across. The book gives her uncomfortable urges that include - fucking several sweaty people at once. It also doesn’t help that there’s a Kama Sutra sex cult spying on her every day she walks home from the library. This super scary sex cult is headed by a fellow who looks much like a full-sized version of “Ralphus” from Bloodsucking Freaks. It’s Joe D’Amato, so you can only expect the ridiculous. If you're wondering, no skull-fucking takes place by the Ralphus doppelganger, just some really creepy seduction techniques, like this one below.

Our story is pretty awful, the acting matches the narrative in the futility department as well…but like so many Joe D’Amato films, there’s almost an Ed Wood-ian charm that sucks you in whether you want it or not. The graphic (borderline hardcore) nudity and sex is the strength of Chinese Kamasutra even within the abyss of absurdity. D’Amato made a career with movies like this. D'Amato's obsession with female masturbation that was common in his Emanuelle films and his numerous softcore and hardcore films is constantly shown with some graphic close-ups of vaginas and rapid-fire diddling.

One 7 hasn't done much here in the way of remastering Chinese Kamasutra .The colors are a bit soft for a movie that’s really only about 16 years old, so it's possible this transfer is from a tape master. It doesn’t look near as good as their debut release of Scandalous Gilda but it’s still not a bad transfer as it's still very watchable. The sound isn’t perfect either. I did notice some consistent hissing throughout the track when I had my volume placed at a normal level.

There’s one extra feature on the disc, it’s deleted scene that involves Joan Parker and her Asian Beau strolling past the house where the sex cult does their thang. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it. Nothing too interesting here ,just what appears to be a snippet from a work-print tape.

Chinese Kamasutra is not a good film by any stretch, but I did find myself between a few of the dull spots having some unintentional laughs. The nudity certainly didn’t hurt it either. Maybe with a few drinks and some pals riffing the preceedings would be an ideal way to watch this film, I dunno.
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