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April 18, 2011

Movie Review: Freaky Farley (2007)

By James DePaolo

Directed by: Charles Roxburgh

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Plot - In almost like a male Nancy Drew style, ( well for indie films that is) this is the story of a guy who is named Farley Wilder. I am not sure if he is mentally challenged or his maturity and age have not met up yet. He is slow acting, like he has a learning disability. And everyone in his small town knows him, and he is on the case of some mystery in his town that is supposedly killing people. Farley meets a female who helps him try to solve this case that has had this town in arms for years.

Review - Since I started blogging, I have seen hundreds of films. And, I have grown to be tolerate of some things in favor of others. Say if a film has bad acting and is irritating, maybe it will have cool gore or some saving grace. This film, is boring. Flat out unwatchable and boring. A film like this only works when you can relate with the character or at least if you cannot relate, at least be entertained by them. This character tried to be Jim Carrey from dumb and dumber and it failed. It was annoying to more annoying. And the father you almost pray that he just one day beats him unmercifully for even agreeing to do the film. And the story starts with him talking to a police officer, and you almost know in this 5 minute exchange if this is a film for you. Now his cohort, is beautiful, you almost know this film is pushing just for them to get along, much less for her to even acknowledge him. I did not mind her, but as you know I love the women.

This film on paper sounds like a fun little student art film, and this film could have worked that is the sad part. I hated the main character, and if they would have watched films like Happiness or Gummo for inspiration, it would have worked so much more. If Farley would have played it serious, instead of trying so hard to get laughs out of unfunny material, I think this direction could have worked. More like dark overtones, have the character do shady things, and put him in shady situations. I mean you label him a peeping tom and you show scenes that he is peeping, but come on, play off the angle. Make him watch unwatchable things. ( I mean you made me do it) I know budget is always the answer, why didn't you take this approach or that one. But, this film absolutely was missing something and you can feel it throughout the film. It is lacking guts and refuses to take chances. I mean you got the character who is acting like he is slow, why not let him be part of something disturbing and maybe paint him as a pedophile or some kind of huge pervert with the locals. Hell, have him masturbate and get caught by a priest or a underage kid while peeping. That would have made the film more watchable than this garbage.

This film was a missed opportunity and the characters were as believable as a cartoon. How much does anyone want to bet, that they laugh this bad review off or ignore it, and say " hey we believe in this film and it is only one critic and a blog one at that". No offense, but I seen other reviews and I was the nicest to your film. Unwatchable..Avoid..This film is to comedy and fun..what Psycho Shark is to Jaws.

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