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April 7, 2011

Joe D'Amato's Exotic Malice Coming Soon from One 7 Films!

Haunted by his feelings of guilt about his lover’s suicide, Mark (Mark Shannon) is diagnosed with a prostate cancer that allows him only a few weeks of life. So he makes up his mind and goes to the island where many years before he first met a girl he desperately fell in love with. As soon as he sets foot on the island he stumbles into a woman who looks exactly like his late lover. Completely lost in his nightmares and plagued by ghosts, Mark gets involved in multiple and raunchy sex affairs, trying to shut down his fear about his own death.

Celebrated as the first official hardcore outing of Italian cinema, Exotic Malice features the Italian original trailblazer stud Mark Shannon (aka Manlio Cersosimo), the European answer to Harry Reems. Shot on the beloved Santo Domingo island, birthplace of Italo porno, Exotic Malice also stars cult actress Lucia Ramirez and the haunting Annj Goren, one the most recognizable stars of early Italian adult entertainment. Full with incredible eye-popping sex action, this cult shocker shot in 1978 boasts a truly jaw-dropping climax.

Extra: Deleted scenes Aspect ratio: 1.66:1 (16/9) - color Length: 97 min. Language: Italian (original mono) Subtitles: English Region: 0 Catalog # 17M011 Genre: Erotica List price: $ 29.95

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