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May 8, 2013

Movie Review: Heaven's Touch (1983)

It seems lately here at the Blue Cheese we've covered numerous titles directed by smut pioneer, Shaun Costello. Just from watching movies like Forced Entry, More Than Sisters and The Passions Of Carol, I've seen an attention to narrative that I’m not quite use to when viewing older fuck films. The hardcore sex is a given, but that’s not really what makes a these films in particular unique. With today’s review,Costello puts forth some divine intervention with the comedy, Heavens Touch. It’s essentially a goofy light-hearted comedy that borrows much from Hollywood film Heaven’s Gate. And get this, Heaven's Touch is actually much more entertaining than Heaven’s Gate.

Michael Knight plays Clark Kent lookalike, Henry Ottinger. He works in an office in the Twin Towers where he just trys to mind his own buisness. Somehow how though he has some magic over his female co-workers. It doesn't take too long before three of these co-workers coax Mr. Ottinger out of his office and into their orifices. This hot encounter takes place in a cozy storage room down the hall. Ottinger has got it made here as these broads are in desperate need of some nerd-cock. The gals even line-up in a row for him; like any smart fella he samples each soft booty and then coats them with the sticky stuff. Then, the unthinkable happens - his heart stops. He's swiftly brought up to the pearly gates to meet with goregous Penny (Veronica Heart - Wanda Whips Wall Street, Pandora’s Mirror).

Ottinger is really a pretty young fellow with so much life to live so Ms. Penny attempts to give him another chance at living. This time though, there’s a catch, it won’t be as himself but as other men who just happen to have very active sex-lives. Barry Armstrong is one of Ottinger's vessels during his return to earth. Armstrong has a lovely wife (Sharon Kane) and a butler named Finch (Ron Jeremy). Yes, a young svelte Ron Jeremy is on hand for some action and his scene with Sharon Kane is quite inspired. The "Hedgehog" does his thing, showing his massive prick size off to the camera. There was no gut to cover it then. Kane finishes Jeremy off with a pretty remarkable blow-job. Ronny pretty much "Jack Sparrows" Kane’s eyeball with his goopy kielbasa paste; she soon recovers like a trooper.

The sets on Heaven's Touch look damn good. Sure, you're not going to have a completely accurate looking Heaven but Costello really puts forth a great effort in building that look. Acting is also a solid area. Hart is awesome and is cute as ever, Knight is perfect for the role of nerdy businessman Ottinger and Jeremy is pretty funny as finch. The sex is non-stop and you do get a great variety including some scenes inside a sex club. I thought the opening triple-screw of the three office girls was a hell of a way to start the film.

Extra's wise Pink Flamingo has some very cool supplements. Most have appeared on the previous Shaun Costello Collection discs but if you have yet to purchase those you will certainly be happy with them. Here you get: extensive liner notes by Costello, text interviews on the disc (in English) with Costello and collaborator, Maryse Alberti and finally, a slide-show. The materials used for the transfer aren't immaculate but they do look solid. No splices, emulsion or any other film issues were encountered.

Enjoyable sex-scenes, top-notch production value and genuine laughs - you really can't ask for much more if you're in the mood for a great comedy porno. Pink Flamingo's Heaven's Touch DVD delivers!

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