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October 25, 2010

Movie Review: E. L. (Box Set)

Finally, a NuTech release with a great story and some hot hentai action that doesn’t rely on degradation! In the year 2030, nuclear war devastates the Earth. The survivors started the Megaro Earth Project in order to save humanity. This Project was, essentially, a domed city. Insert our villain, Gimmick of Black Widow, opposing the project. Lady sniper, EL (Shelbee Myrne) is recruited and leads a team of heroes.

In 2030, nuclear war broke out over the environmental pollution issue. Many people lost their lives due to radioactivity. The people, who survived the barren Earth, started the Megaro Earth Project to save human existence. In a last hope for survival against nuclear war, a city was built in a dome in order to save civilization. The city itself is outfitted with camera “eyes” recording the ins and outs (pun intended) of life in Megaro.

EL is told to protect a woman named Parsley, and naturally they fall in love providing some very nice segments. Sex abounds including a particularly delicious scene including a little light bondage when EL’s team interrogates Natsuki (Lola) a former Black Widow worker. EL’s story is tight and, without ruining it, you won’t believe the surprise ending!

Lots and lots of consensual sex in this one makes EL a fun ride. Aside from two, light interrogation scenes, the entire release is devoid of anything “forced.” An interesting story, set in a believable (and beautiful) world featuring a character that actually has some development, EL is a breath of fresh air. Noticeably, as of late, hentai filmmakers have relied on degradation, non-consensual situations and public humiliation as plot points and staples of their releases. Although not exactly “fun for the whole family,” EL is a lighthearted, sci-fi laden romp that anyone can enjoy.

NuTech’s stunning transfers are in full effect for this release. Lush colors and no pixelization are highly appreciated in both volumes. The Audio is the standard Dolby Surround Sound.
Menus are animated using clips from the show to nice effect. The extras section has the standard gallery of show clips as well as photo galleries of the two adult stars (Lola & Shelbee Myrne) who provide voices for Natsuki and EL respectively.

The packaging of the box set is up to NuTech’s high standard. Great art (marred, subjectively of course, by the photos of the “live” actresses). Two discs, each in their own slipcase. The entire set clocks in at 60 minutes (30 minutes per episode).
All in all, a fun release set in a futuristic world that is, at the very least, interesting. EL won’t change the face of hentai, but it is a slick little two-parter that will not disappoint.

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