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December 17, 2015

Movie Review: Catfished (Digital Playground - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - December 17, 2015

Starring :

Riley Reid
Eva Lovia
Holly Heart
Zoe Monroe
Daniel Hunter
Derrick Pierce
Jessy Jones
Mr. Pete
Steven St. Croix


A sexy divorcee yearns for love, but is looking in all the wrong places. Her ex has already moved in between the legs of a much younger busty blonde, and her best friend is happily consummating her marriage. Nevertheless she has one guy, but he’s mostly interested in screwing her than committing. In a desperate attempt she makes an online profile and meets an incredible guy. They’ve tried to meet several times, but sadly never do.  She’s sexually frustrated, but can’t get away from sex because her horny neighbors can’t stop fornicating! In the end, she demands they meet, but will she find the man of her dreams, or discover a lie?

(Runtime - 2 hr. 18 mins.)


With this film, Writer/Director Jakodema and Digital Playground explore the subject of "Catfishing".  It is when someone assumes a false identity online, to lead someone on, sometimes with a hidden agenda in mind.

In CATFISHED, that is exactly what happens to Jesse.  In the film, Jesse, is a young women, whom has been divorced from her ex-husband Eric(Mr. Pete), for 3 years.  Despite hoping to find love again, things just aren't working out between she and the guy, which she is occasionally dating, Keiran(Daniel Hunter).  Because of this, her friend, "Kayden"(Eva Lovia), has often suggested that she try her hand at an online dating profile.  An idea, that until now, she has strongly opposed.  However, she eventually gives in, as she creates a profile on the dating website, "Your Ass, or Mine?".  It turns out that Jesse, is a big hit among the men on the site, as she receives a number of responses after the first night.  After sorting through all of the potential hopefuls, Jesse is able to narrow it down to one guy.  A man named Johnny.  Johnny has a lot of qualities that Jesse likes; he's a High School Literature teacher, he's active, and enthusiastic.  But perhaps the thing that the two have most in common, is that they both have had their heart broken in some way(Jesse with her divorce, and Johnny with the death of his wife).  It seems as though they take comfort in each other.  From then on, Jesse and Johnny continue a relationship, as the two continuously keep in touch via text, and by talking on the phone.  For the two, it would seem that they are a perfect match, as this continues on for about a year.  That is when Jesse grows a little restless in her desire to meet the "man of her dreams".  They arrange meetings only to have Johnny cancel at the last minute, as he always seems to have the perfect excuse.  Of course, this brings Jesse down, which is why she is very excited when Johnny agrees to let Jesse come to him as the two finally meet.  However, it is when they do finally meet, that a, once again heartbroken Jesse, comes to realize that not all is always what it seems in the often anonymous world on online dating.

For it's subject, CATFISHED tackles a subject that has been around, basically since the popularity of the Internet began to take off.  Since then, there have been a big number of people who take to the internet to pretend to be someone that they are not.  Especially when it comes to the subject of online dating.  Because, since one can't be too sure of who it is that they are speaking with online, via text, or even by phone, the idea of leading someone on, is easier than one might think.  The subject, of course has gained popularity, as it was the subject of the movie CATFISH, and the subsequent Television series, CATFISH: THE TV SHOW, on MTV.  The two mediums have shown us just how easy it is to bait someone into such a scheme, as well as show just how naive and gullible people can be.  CATFISHED also presents us with such a person, in its central character, "Jesse", portrayed by Riley Reid.

In the film, Jesse is a young lady, who's just a hopeless romantic, that is simply looking for love.  Despite being 3 years out of a divorce, and her ex-husband finding someone new(Holly Heart), she has yet to make the same connection.  But eventually she believes to have made that connection, when she finally gives in, and acts on the advice of her best friend.  She makes an online profile, and immediately finds someone whom fits the bill.  The wishful thinking Jesse, from there believes that everything is all good, texting this person, whom she met online, sometimes for hours.  The two even occasionally talk on the phone.  It's enough to have Jesse believe that she has finally found love, as their conversations make her noticeably happy - she even has difficulty fighting the urge to masturbate, as she dreams of making love to the man. But unfortunately, Jesse's fairy tale isn't meant to be, when it is eventually revealed that she has been deceived, and that this person isn't at all, whom she believed them to be, as the film ends with a little twist, that brings everything to a close in a nice way.

As a whole, CATFISHED is a film that crafts a pretty enjoyable story overall.  It is one that is mostly "fluffy". but with a title as ominous as "Catfish", one already knows from the begining, that it is one that will likely not end as happily as it pretends to be for its majority.  And that is just the element that keeps our interest.  It's the mere anticipation of what's going to come.  Just what will happen to this sweet and lovable character which the film creates? That's the question that keeps one watching.  Well, that and the fact that the film's star, Riley Reid is so fucking cute.  I just love her, and have for some time now.  Riley was just the perfect choice for the role.  She's so adorable, that is is just easy for us to take interest in the character and the outcome of the story.  Here, Riley does a very good job of portraying someone who's desperate to find love, yes even in places she once opposed. She's sweetly optimistic, but somewhat fragile, and Riley is able to convey this through a nice emotional range throughout.

Granted that the overall tone of the film is dramatic, with a tinge of cautionary suspense, resulting in a film that is probably more suitable for the ladies of the audience, I for one am not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed CATFISHED for the most part.  Technically, it's a well made, well conceived film, with a pleasing overall structure and outcome.
CATFISHED features a total of 5 sex scenes, with only one which I did not care much for.  Out of the 5 scenes featured, i'd have to say that my favorite was indeed the hot pairing of Holly Heart and Mr. Pete.  Although they were left to do with the small confines of a kitchen, they brought to the scene, tons of energy, making their scene in particular, a turn on to watch.  I also liked the masturbation segment from Riley Reid, which dissolved into a dream sequence that develops into a full fledged romp with male talent Jessy Jones.  The scene is really well photographed, as well as the action from the 2 performers being pretty hot.

So to sum things up in a few words, CATFISHED is pretty enjoyable.  However, be warned that it's outcome, is not unlike anything that we have already seen on CATFISH: THE TV SHOW(a show that I happen to have watched a lot of recently).  However, it is still enjoyable, because it has some nice things to offer.  Such as a decent story, and a grouping of some really nice sex scenes.

CATFISHED, is on DVD, and is available to view on Digital Playground's website.  Click the following link, to sign up at for a discounted rate!

My Score : 7.5/10

Sex scene breakdown :

Scene 1 : Eva Lovia and Derrick Pierce
In the first scene, "Jessie's" friend, "Kayden"(Eva Lovia), has returned home from Jessie's house, and is in bed with her boyfriend, "Bill"(Derrick Pierce).  After some conversation, the two of them begin kissing and caressing one another as they go into sex.  Derrick kisses her body, as he begins to rub on her pussy.  Eva slips off her panties to spread wide, as Derrick goes in with his mouth.  He then continues on to slip in a few fingers, moving them in and out at a nice quick pace.  Derrick then lays back, while Eva takes control, sucking his cock.  From there, she straddles him in cowgirl, where Derrick pounds, and Eva rides.  Eva's nice ass is on full display, as Derrick bangs her.  The cowgirl then moves to spoon, where Derrick continues to slam Eva's hole at a steady pace.  Next, Eva gets what she wants, when Derrick goes on top in missionary.  It here, that he pounds the pussy hard, and fast.  The action is so hard that it completely rocks the bed.  Derrick continues to pound, before pulling it out to cum.  This of course, ends the scene.  - A nice scene featuring hard action and 2 performers who give it their all.  I've said it before, but i'll say it again - Eva Lovia is hot!

Scene 2 : Zoey Monroe and Steven St.Croix
In the next scene, the neighbors, Zoey Monroe and her husband, "Tommy"(Steven St. Croix), take a break from the party, to go inside for a quick fling.  It starts with Steven going down on Zoey.  St. Croix, passionately kisses, tongues and massages Monroe's pussy.  While fingering her hole, Steven sucks on the pussy.  From here, Zoey is on all fours, as Steven buries his face in her as, before Zoey begins to suck him.  First St. Croix, is standing, and then he takes to their bed, where the couple engages in a little 69,  Steven eats, as Zoey continues to suck.  From there, Zoey is back on all fours, where Steven takes her deep, steady and hard. After, Zoe sucks Steven some more, before he goes to hammer her pussy in missionary.  Zoey, then once again sucks on Steven's cock, before things go back to missionary, where Steven works up a nice big load.  He then blows said load, all over Zoe's pretty mouth and face. - This was a very good scene, with some nice, rough action.  Steven truly adds to the scene, with his enthusiasm, as does Zoey just by being cute.

Scene 3 : Riley Reid and Daniel Hunter
Sometime after the get together with the neighbors, we find Riley Reid, and "Keiran"(Daniel Hunter) on the couch, kissing.  They waste no time getting down to business, as Riley straddles Daniel's face.  From here, he proceeds to suck on Riley's sweet pussy.  It is in this position that we get a nice view of her tight little ass.  Before unleashing Daniel's cock, Riley playfully licks the crotch of his pants.  Riley then finally goes on to suck and slurp the hard cock. Riley eventually adds some spit to the occasion.  Daniel then returns the favor, when he takes charge, to go on to eat Riley's pussy. He slides in a finger, per her request, before things go into doggy, where he slips it into Riley's pussy from behind. After, Riley hops on in cowgirl, where we see her fantastic ass bounce.  Things then go back to doggystyle, where Daniel pulls her hair.  After this, things proceed in missionary, where Daniel hits it at a steady pace as she dirty talks him.  Things then head back to doggy where Daniel continues the pace, before going on. - Just an ok scene.  A little repetitive.  The scene gets points for involving Riley.  Yes, she may be petite, but she has one of the nicest asses in the business.

Scene 4 : Holly Heart and Mr. Pete
After returning some belongings back to "Jess", Jess's ex-husband "Eric"(Mr. Pete). comforts his new girlfriend, "Madison"(Holly Heart), who's a little jealous of Eric's ex.  They go right into sex from here.  First, Pete puts Holly up on the counter to lick and suck on her clit.  Holly then takes to her knees to enthusiastically, suck and deep throat Pete's cock.  There's lots of slurping seen here - she even sucks on his balls a little.  Pete then goes on to pound that pussy hard and deep, as Holly is bent over the counter.  As he continues, he puts a finger in Holly's ass.  From doggy, Holly then sits in a chair, and spreads her long legs, wide.  From this position, Pete continuously pounds her hole, nice and hard. After, Holly bends over to let Pete eat more pussy, before they go into reverse cowgirl.  From the reverse, the camera gives us a view from beneath, where, Pete goes in, to suck Holly's clit.  This is before, Holly, sits on the cock in cowgirl, where Pete continues to slam his cock into Holly.  This position then graduates back to missionary, where Pete once again continues the steady fucking, before going on to cum, as he lets it drip into her mouth. - This scene is fucking hot!  A ton of energy, and Holly Heart is fucking sexy!  A contestant on this year's DP Star, Holly was definitely one of my favorites.  I love her look.  She definitely has sex appear, as she has very nice, long legs.  She also brought to this scene an enthusiasm that is such a turn on.  And what to say about Mr. Pete?  He always brings the wood to the fire.

Scene 5 : Riley Reid and Jessy Jones
In a stylistic dream sequence, we go into Riley's mind and thoughts as she masturbates.  In the sequence, she sees herself fucking "Johnny"(Jessy Jones) in the walk-in shower.  The action is in progress, as Jessy fucks Riley from behind.  It then progresses to Riley going down to suck his cock and balls.  The two then leave the confines of the shower for more.  Riley bends over, allowing Jessy to go in at her tight pussy, and asshole.  Riley, then props her right leg up on the bathtub, as Jessy proceeds to hit the pussy from behind.  Jessy pounds the pussy nice, and steady as Riley takes it.  Following this, Riley sucks him off, before things go into missionary, as Riley leans back on the tub, allowing Jessy to penetrate.  This continues for some time, as Jessy moves in and out, as the two passionately interact.  From there, the two take to the floor, when Riley hops onto Jessy's cock in reverse cowgirl, where she ride, and grinds.  Jessy continues from here, to pounce, before being brought to climax in Riley's mouth.  - A very good scene, much better than the first involving Riley.  Much more passionate, and energetic from both performers.

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