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October 30, 2013

Movie Review: Evil Head (2012, Burning Angel Entertainment)

Directed by Doug Sakmann
Starring Tommy Pistol, Joanna Angel and Kleio
Run Time: 147 minutes

Okay, quick, without thinking about it too hard... what are your two favorite genre’s of movies? Okay, time's up... now if you said, “Horror & Porn” I’m here to tell you that you're not alone on this (and we’re probably the only ones who aren't lying to ourselves about it). These are two genre’s that allow us to indulge our inner-beast. To vicariously partake in the spilling of blood and... well, other bodily fluids.

Burning Angel’s Evil Head is the porn parody of one of our all-time favorite horror classic’s, Evil Dead, so it is first and foremost a porn flick, but manages to do something that nearly every other porno fails to do, and that's tell a cool and familiar story in a truly funny and entertaining way.

Ash (Tommy Pistol), Linda (Joanna Angel), and their two friends venture to a desolate cabin in the woods for a weekend of partying and sex. Soon after arriving they discover the spunk-soaked Necronomicum in a desk along with a tape recorder with a voice on it reciting demonic incantations, (The voice on the recorder being that of none other then Lloyd Kaufman. Nice touch.)  After being left out of a steamy three-way, the second girl storms out of the cabin and is promptly gang-banged by a bunch of tree branches. After she’s finished there she returns to the cabin and that's when all hell breaks loose. Both girls become possessed by horny demons and the sex scenes turn into a blood-bath complete with chainsaws and severed body parts.

When the smoke finally clears and Ash seems to be the only one left standing, he is soon surprised to see that Linda, along with two of his ex-girlfriends, have risen from the grave to have one final showdown... uuuhh, I mean orgy. Who will be left to tell the tale? Ash? Or the nympho-maniacal demons?

From a strictly pornographic stand-point, Evil Head is top-of-the-food-chain smut. You could just tell that all the talent involved were having a blast with the story and could often times see they were having a hard time not cracking up in the middle of their sex-scenes because of the antics of Tommy Pistol. (You gotta respect a guy who has no problem trying to shove his duct-taped stump of a hand down a demon-girl’s throat while impaling her from the other end.) He was not only hilarious in his own geeky way but also performed his sex-scenes like a jack-hammer with no off-switch. His portrayal of Ash managed to be pretty much dead-on while also injecting his own wacky spin on the character. As fun as Pistol was to watch though, the one of a kind Joanna Angel was the show-stealer here. Her performance was just flat-out smokin' hot. With her girl-next-door good looks and insatiable appetite for sex, she is worthy of worship by porn-geeks everywhere.

This film manages to be funny and sexy while simultaneously throwing buckets of blood right in your face. And to me it seemed as if it was just as much an homage & dirty love-letter to the original film as it was a parody. Well Played indeed, Evil Angel.

Now the only question is... when do we get Evil Head 2? I usually never assign a numerical score when reviewing porn movies, but this one was so much fun it deserves what nominal recognition I can give it.

9.5 out of 10

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