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October 2, 2013

Movie Review: The Amazing Adventures of The Living Corpse (2013, Blu-ray)

The Living Corpse bursts from the ground, and with a cavalcade of other zombies, he attacks a small house. Inside are a woman, her son and her daughter. The Living Corpse dispenses with the woman and the girl, and as the boy is about to fall to other zombies, he calls to The Living Corpse. The boy wants him to remember that he is his dad. LC does, and he saves his son. That's when the military shows up to rescue the boy, Taylor. Taylor is taken to a boys' home, and LC spends the movie trying to find him with the help of a demon lord and his gargoyle sidekick.

I've never read the Living Corpse comic books. I'm not sure how they play out. Many of the stories here would probably play better as little vignettes. LC really does go through a lot in the search for his son, and most of it doesn't make sense. Correct that, most of it isn't explained, and therefore won't make much sense. I don't know why crazy dog creatures with worm faces attack him. I don't know why he needs to defeat certain monsters on the way to his son. I'm not sure why he seems to know enough martial arts fighting techniques to snap one of the worm faced things' head off with a twist. I have no idea.

One thing that was tough to get past was the animation. It looked like a Playstation 2 game. That was the animation level. It didn't help that the whole thing also had camera movements reminiscent of video game interstitials. To be honest, I wished it was a game, and that I could play it.

The voice acting isn't great, although LC is played well and effectively. I enjoyed the character, and I did feel for him. I really did want him to find his son. The supporting characters were just sort of there much of the time, but I did enjoy Worthless Murk, the silly gargoyle. I could have used more of him. If you like video game animation, check this out. I think it's decent. It's just not something I can watch twice.

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