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March 26, 2013

Movie Review: Jay and Silent Bob Get Irish (2013)

Many know the story behind this show, but for those who don't, I'll give you a quick rundown. As Kevin Smith began the transformation from filmmaker to podcaster, his friend Jason Mewes was dealing with a relapse. As a way to keep Jay on the right path, Smith started a live podcast called Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. This made Jay accountable to an audience, as he announces his days sober at every show. Years later, the duo tours the globe performing live. I enjoyed the first DVD, Tea Bagging in the UK, and this was even better.

Smith and Mewes recorded two sold out shows in Dublin. In both shows, they talk about their trip and local things in a way that even the untravelled like myself can relate to and enjoy. After that, they get into Mewes' wild past, because the show really is about him and his journey.

Mewes is a very animated storyteller. In fact, he's literally animated in the second show. SModimations are infused into a tale about a bar fight, and that just adds to the fun. Thankfully, they held off on that during a graphic story in which Mewes picks up two hookers with a gay friend who was closeted at the time.

A second disc includes a bonus show from Las Vegas and a ten minute clip of the Let Us F@ck game that they play on stage with the audience.  I really enjoyed this sey. Mewes' ability to recall his exploits is better than ever, and at one point, I laughed so hard that I was thrown into a coughing fit. I liked the first set, and this one is even better. If you love J&SB, I highly recommend that you go out and Get Irish.

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