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July 5, 2015

Movie Review: Slow West (Blu-ray, 2015)

Review By: James D.

Let’s talk about a genre that may need resurgence, the western. We had A Million Ways to Die in the West which was hit and miss, and now Slow West. Slow West is like if the Coen Brothers directed Quicksilver. Slow West has a wealth of depth in both the characters and story, that being said it is shocking that this film is by a first time director.

The flow of this film is executed well, which I feel the director had the feeling we would feel like that so he changed things around scene to scene to keep us off-guard. The film has moments of predictability but that does not take away any part of how effective this film comes across. This is a film that gets the spirit of the old west thru the history of films about it and just nails it on every possible level. If I was to have any sort of negative beside the predictability at times, it would be that this film does not have a bigger audience and was not given a run at the box office. Which both do not reflect anything that is being shown on the screen. The script I felt was so well written and gave the characters such flair and personality, that you invest in this story. The flow of the film is disrupted by some unpredictable moments that I feel if we discussed would spoil the beauty of this film. All the players in this film would be so worthy of an Oscar mention.

Slow West is like a Pale Rider or even the old school John Wayne that captures the passion of the Old West and while it gives us a modern feel it does not forsake the old school passion that we clamor for when watching a western. The film has the perfect measure of humor and drama, the story never has a moment that feels either rushed or dragging. This film from the start to the end will not let you down. I would say, if you loved Quicksilver and a fan of the Coen Brothers type of humor, to rush out and buy this film.

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