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July 6, 2015

Movie Review: Treatment (Artsploitation, 2015)

Reviewed by: James D.

Belgium director Hans Herbots before this film, I have never heard of him. After this film, I want to see more from him. The Treatment or the Dutch name De Behandeling is something very unique and very well done. This film has a tone and mood that really grips you by the throat and with its intense plot will keep you biting your mails at the edge of the couch or seat till it ends. This Belgian thriller I should warn the viewers, it is very disturbing and could be viewed as offensive. The material in this film is for people who are not afraid to see things get intense. Our main protagonist is Nick Cafmeyer who seems to be a much traumatized man. It starts out earlier in his life when as a kid he saw his brother abducted to never been seen or heard from again. Nick uses this as inspiration to become a cop and investigating cases that remind him of his brother.

Nick seems to specialize most of all in cases that involve pedophiles. Well, the guy the police think is guilty of the abduction that haunts him would keep terrorizing Nick, because the evidence they had was not substantial so he walked. The freak wants to keep Nick’s attention. Well it seems a new case comes along that is very disturbing. It has so much in common with Nick’s brother’s deal. So, Nick thinks this time he finally has the guy who has been haunting him well there is a twist to this story, he kills himself. This film is very disturbing and any parent with little kids this is your horror film. The acting in this film is such a delight and really well done. The script was solid and it had such a richness of depth that you really are feeling like you are reading a book watching this film play out.

"The Treatment's" final act was the kick in the balls you are expecting and this film really does not have one negative I can think of, especially after being hit in the balls with the way this film finishes up. All in all this film is a must see and definitely worth checking out.

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