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November 19, 2015

Movie Review: Ride or Die (Digital Playground - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock - November 19, 2015

Starring :
Mia Malkova
Riley Reid
Aidra Fox
Lola Foxx
Selena Rose
Derrick Pierce
Ike Diezel
Karlo Karrera
Marco Banderas
Toni Ribas

Mia Malkova, the sexy ex-street racer, is happily conforming to her life as a CIA agent until she’s sent to the boardroom and gets handled. Her new assignment is to go undercover in the street racing community and locate the Grip Gang, a racing threesome consisting of Selena Rose, Lola Fox and Aidra Fox, who’ve hijacked a government truck. She hasn’t raced since her father passed away, but now she must face her inner demons and go full throttle - fuck her way in or face jail time!

(Runtime - 2 hr. 26 mins.)


For my next review, I thought that i'd visit this 2014 film from Digital Playground, called RIDE OR DIE, which stars Mia Malkova. To describe the film in a sentence, RIDE OR DIE, is essentially Digital Playground's answer to THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise.

In the film, Mia Malkova is "Fiona Getz", a young woman who has already be through a lot in life. She grew up having a famous stock car racer for a father, one who was killed on the track. Later, she also ended up in the arms of an abusive, and corrupt boyfriend, who is now serving time in prison, because Fiona turned him in. The film finds her currently working a comfortable desk job at the Police department. A job that she actually prefers. However, things get a lot more interesting for her, when she is called upon to go undercover in the world of illegal street racing. Due to her experience with racing, her higher ups see no one better for the task. The department is now covering a case involving a gang of street racers, who are working side by side with the cartel. The gang has been hijacking, intelligent, military grade computer chips, powerful enough to control military drones, and putting them into the hands of the cartel, and cartel boss, "Toni". With the illegal operation ongoing, the Police need to get someone inside their world. At first, Fiona, who has spent some time distancing herself from racing, is reluctant to go in, but eventually realizes that she has no other choice, but to gear up and go full throttle. She dives right in by infiltrating the world of a guy named Vincent Smith, a wealthy entrepreneur, who has a liking of street racing. Vincent throws parties, and hosts big money races at his establishment, and it is during such night that Fiona poses as an eager street racer. However she does not go unnoticed, She is almost immediately recognized on account of her father, Simon, who, as it turns out, is someone that almost everyone there idolizes - Vincent included. Because of this, they of course, allow Fiona into their circle. Fiona then takes to the streets for her first race, and surprisingly, she comes out on top, thus winning big money. This impresses Vince, who works to get closer to the new racer. They do eventually become close, however, it is when Vincent's rebellious sister, Lisa(Riley Reid) is apprehended by the cops, that Fiona's cover is blown. It is also at that time revealed that Lisa has ties to the head of the cartel. Because of this, the Police ask for Vincent's help, when it comes to cracking down on the gang's operation. First, however, Vincent is upset, as he feels as though he has been betrayed by his girl, Fiona. But of course, he eventually agrees to go deep to avoid punishment of his own. From there, the stage is set for one more race, and seeing as members of the gang have entered, Fiona and Vincent work together in hopes of putting an end to them, before more microchips can be delivered.

As I said above, RIDE OR DIE is very much like the films in the FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise. Its inspiration is obviously apparent, both in style and in plot. Both of course, include fast cars, and also a police officer going undercover into that distinct racing world. In this case, RIDE OR DIE creates an interesting story with its character, "Fiona Getz", as she has an interesting and plausible make. She is the product of a famous racing father, loves the sport, and has a rocky past, and so the film has the perfect character to implement into this illegal street racing world which it creates. Not to mention Mia Malkova is, I must admit, smoking hot in this role. In my relatively short time here at the Cheese, I have already reviewed 2 of her film(this being the third), but this is without a doubt, the sexiest I have seen her so far. Amittedly, when the film began, I wasn't so sure just how well she would be able to pull off the role of an undercover cop. However, it was clear to me, when the character got on the racing scene, why it is exactly that Mia was pegged for the role. As it turns out, Fiona Getz is much less the standard cop, and more of a racer. It's in her blood, and she has the charisma to draw attention to herself. This is basically true when it comes to guys, who seem to immediately swarm her once she arrives on the scene. She does have sex appeal, and it is all Malkova. The girl is hot, whether it be in sex scenes, or not, it is just fun watching her.

Overall, the majority of the film is fun, especially the first half of it. The film gets off to a roaring start that has action and intrigue, all leading up to an initial race which is captured pretty nicely. The editing is good, as are the shot selections and camera angles. There are even some overhead shots employed that look great. The film stays really interesting throughout the period in which Mia's character remains undercover, unfortunately however, RIDE OR DIE loses steam, loses impact if you will, once the jig is up, and everyone suddenly seems to "know" about Fiona. Not only Vincent, but also those whom she is tracking, It just no longer has the intriguing edge after that. But luckily for the film, it ends on an interesting note, as the final race, and the capture of some of the suspects play out rewardingly for the viewer, Of course, the film's conclusion leaves ample room for the development of a sequel. On that, i'd say i'm all for a sequel, as I feel that this could be the next popular franchise for Digital Playground.

As for the sex scenes in the film, RIDE OR DIE features 6 scenes. All of which are generally good. I, of course, mostly enjoyed the 2 scenes featuring the film's star, Mia Malkova and the one scene featuring the always cute, Riley Reid. Both girls are sexy, and are a joy to see.

If you enjoy plot based Adult films, and especially if you like the FAST AND THE FURIOUS films, then RIDE OR DIE just might have something for you to enjoy. Keep in mind that this is not a parody, but instead, a straight forward film. I recommend, as it is worth checking out.

RIDE OR DIE is available on Blu-Ray and DVD, as well as on Click here, to join with our discounted rate.

My Score : 7/10

Sex scene breakdown :

Scene 1 : Aidra Fox and Marco Banderas :

The first scene begins as illegal street racers Sarah(Aidra Fox) and Marco Banderas, have themselves a back alley romp. Kissing leads to a sloppy blowjob as Aidra throats Marco, before things proceed to cowgirl, where Marco hits it hard. Marco then manhandles her into some hard and fast missionary. Missionary then transitions to steady spooning, before going into hard reverse cowgirl. More throating from Aidra follows, as she also sucks Marco's balls. From this, they go into doggystyle, as Marco hits it from behind. Doggy, then leads to standing cowgirl at a steady pace. Aidra then takes Marco's cock deep down her throat, before Marco begins to hit it hard, once again in doggy, before blowing his load on Aidra's face. A good scene to start. - The action is rough and fast.

Scene 2 : Mia Malkova and Karlo Karrera :

In this scene, Detective Karlo Karrera and undercover agent, "Fiona"(Mia Malkova), seem to rekindle an old flame, after Karrera gifts her a new BMW. It isn't long before the two begin to go at it in the garage. Caressing and kissing between the two, begins the scene, as Karlo rubs Mia's pussy. This leads to Mia getting on her knees to suck, and stroke Karlo, as she fingers her snatch. Mia then hikes her leg up on her leg up on her new car, as Karlo first fingers her, before proceeding to fuck her from behind. Great underneath shots give his a nice view of the penetration. Mia then begins to lick, and suck Karlo's shaft, as she takes it deep. Karlo then lays down, as Mia climbs on top for some cowgirl, as Mia's nice round ass bounces. The action this goes to 69, as Mia straddles Karlo's face, as she strokes and sucks him off. The two eventually take to the ground for some steady spoon. In this position, Karlo hits it hard and deep, before Mia then strokes Karlo to climax, as he releases on to Mia's face. Pretty good scene. In it, Mia displays why she is a keeper, for sure.

Scene 3 : Mia Malkova and Derrick Pierce :

After seeing her win her first race, the main man, Vincent(Derrick Pierce) is impressed with Fiona(Mia Malkova), so much so that he can hardly wait to get it on with her! Taking to the back, the two do just that, as they begin kissing, as Pierce feels up Mia's tits. Then Mia goes down and begins sucking. She takes him deep and sucks his balls, before Derrick bends her over a car, initially eating her out, before he sticks it in. Derrick hits it deep for a while, as Mia is propped up against the car. Derrick then opens the car door, and lays back on the front seat, where Mia hops on the ride in reverse cowgirl. After, Mia is propped up on a stool, where Derrick hits the pussy nice and hard in missionary. The action is hot and heavy, enough to make Derrick cum. He lets it go in Mia's mouth. Another good scene involving Mia.

Scene 4 : Riley Reid and Toni Ribas :

The scene begins when kingpin "Toni"(Toni Ribas) orders everyone to leave, because he wants to fuck Vincent's sister, "Lisa"(Riley Reid). Toni begins to finger Riley hard, before she begins to suck him. Toni then begins to hit Riley from behind, briefly, before she climbs onto him for a round of reverse cowgirl, as Tony lie back into the back of a truck. The action quickly switches to some tight traditional cowgirl, while Riley's perfect ass is on great display. Riley then rewards Toni, with some sloppy suck and tug, before once again sitting on Toni's dick, for some deep and hard reverse cowgirl. And then Riley says she wants more from behind, and Toni obliges. Riley is sexy as she bends down in this position, and props her foot up on the truck. Riley sucks him briefly. before resuming in cowgirl, where that ass is center stage for us. Toni then follows that up, by jacking off, and spraying all over Riley's mouth and face. - A really good scene, if only for Riley Reid. She is just so hot, and so is her cute little tight ass, which is just amazing. Toni not so much His character is really annoying(or is that really him?).

Scene 5 : Lola Foxx and Ike Diezel :

In this scene, Lola Foxx meets up with Vincent's partner "Sam" (Ike Diezel), for a romp in his garage. Ike sits on a couch, where he is de-pantsed, as Lola proceeds to suck him off. Ike then gets a taste of Lola's pussy, as he spreads it wide, as he licks, sucks and fingers it. Lola then hops on the dick for cowgirl, where Ike hits it hard, fast, and deep, as Foxx's nice ass bounces. Lola then leans against the arm of the leather couch, first allowing Diezel to hit it from behind, and then in a side position. The action then switches to fast and hard reverse cowgirl where Diezel pounds the pussy. Lola then rides again in cowgirl briefly, before Ike cums in her mouth. - A decent scene. Lola looked great.

Scene 6 : Aidra Fox and Selena Rose :

After returning to an empty garage, two of the girls(Selena Rose and Aidra Fox) can't seem to keep their hands off one another. The sexual tension leads to the two kissing and stripping down. Aidra first spanks Selena's ass as they continue to kiss. Then Selena begins to finger Aidra's pussy, as well as suck it. The role is reversed as Selena props up and bends over, allowing Aidra to finger her deed from behind. The girls begin to simultaneously rub each other as the moan with pleasure. Selena then lays back and positions herself sideways, allowing Aidra to eat. This leads to Aidra straddling Selena, allowing her to eat, as Aidra fingers, and eats Selena as well. The scene ends with the two passionately kissing. - An ok scene, from two hot girls.

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