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April 30, 2015

Movie Review: Open Relationship (Digital Playground - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - December 1, 2015

Starring :
Romi Rain
Alix Lynx
Eva Lovia
Josie Jagger
Reena Sky
Staci Carr
Danny Mountain
John Strong
Ryan Driller
Seth Gamble
Toni Ribas

Maggie (Romi Rain) and Roger (Danny Mountain) are a sex-crazed married couple... but there is more to their marriage than what meets the eye. After a fulfilling day of separate sexcapades, the duo reunites at an erotic party, and their evening culminates in a surprise climax.

(Runtime - 3 hr. 49 mins.)

In this new DIGITAL PLAYGROUND release, titled OPEN RELATIONSHIP, the story centers around married couple Roger and Maggie.  They are a couple, that despite having a good relationship, neither one of them are exactly satisfied sexually.  Because of this, the couple openly pursues other avenues for sex.  Roger finds fulfillment at his workplace with a co-worker, while Maggie, seems to find the same in a strapping young college student.  However, for as much as they do knowingly stray outside their marriage, their sexual liaisons don't end there, as you can likely find both of them at local masquerade sex parties.  It is at such party that things end up, where the husband and wife dare to explore the boundaries of their sexuality.  Of course, this is all before going home to each other at the end of the night, having no guilt on their conscience.

With this particular release, which was directed by Director mainstay Jakodema, DIGITAL PLAYGROUND experiments with the concept of open relationships, and how one couple might deal with it.  In the film, stars Romi Rain and Danny Mountain are our couple who choose to go about it one such way, and that is the idea of openly having sex with others without guilt.  The end result is a story about a couple whom seem to find much excitement and adventure in their exploration.  But while the film is in fact presented as a feature film(running just shy of 4 hours in length), there is very little story to find here, as despite a few scenes here and there, involving the characters of our couple, "Roger" and "Maggie", the film itself doesn't exactly follow the typical story structure of a plot-based film.  As a result, the film plays out more like a series of sexual vignettes, as apposed to a continuous story.  So for those of you who happen to like some story with their porn, you won't find much that resembles one here.  However, with that said, OPEN RELATIONSHIP is a film that is packed with sex.

Running at the length that it does, OPEN RELATIONSHIP makes use of the time, by giving us 7 full sex scenes.  These are scenes ranging from straight forward boy/girl, boy/girl with voyeurism, to group sex.  One boy/girl scene(that being the film's closing pairing of Romi Rain and Toni Ribas), even has elements of both squirting an anal, so I guess you could say that OPEN RELATIONSHIP is a film that delivers a variety of different things, in terms of sex.  In regards to the quality of these scenes, like most usual for DIGITAL PLAYGROUND, there is hardly a bad scene to be scene here.  Sure, while some may be better than others, I wouldn't call any of them disappointing.

The highlights in concern of the girls featured here are of course names like Romi Rain and Eva Lovia.  But also sparking interest are Staci Carr and Reena Sky, who are welcome sights.  I had seen Romi Rain previously, and most notably in one of the 2 HOT CHICKS BIG FANGS movies.  There, I wasn't able to pick up much about her, as the role didn't really allow her to have much of a personality.  However, here, it's a much different story as Romi is the star in the film, and as a result, she is able to be noticed for what she brings to the table.  And what she brings is a lot of sex appeal, as she clearly seems to enjoy herself.  As a result, we also enjoy ourselves, while watching. Also is true about co-star Eva Lovia, who since winning DIGITAL PLAYGROUND'S reality competition, DP STAR last year, has since become a rising star for the company.  She has since been featured in a number of DIGITAL PLAYGROUND releases, but seeing as it was awhile ago that I was last a frequent viewer of DIGITAL PLAYGROUND product, this film happens to be one of the only times that I have actually seen her perform(believe me, that will soon change, because I am here at Cinema Head Cheese for the long haul).  But with that said, I can now see why she caught the eye of the company, which whom she now works.  She has a fresh face, and has a certain enthusiasm that makes her fun to watch.  But I must also put out there, that co-starring is also Staci Carr, as the co-worker that Roger sleeps around with, she's a beautiful performer that I had discovered previously before seeing this.  She is a nice looking blonde who is just easy on the eyes.  It's just too bad that I had to discover her at the end of her Adult career.  From what I understand, Carr has now retired, which means that her scene in OPEN RELATIONSHIP may be one of her last.  And on that, if it is, it's a pretty decent one.

So to sum up OPEN RELATIONSHIP is a few words, i'd say that is an "ok" film.  I am a viewer of Adult entertainment, who doesn't usually gravitate to all-sex releases, and that is what this one feels like.  As an Adult film reviewer, I prefer those that are more plot based, as it gives me something more to blabber about.  Because after all, in addition to reviewing the story, I already review the sex scenes as well.  While this film does present itself as a plot oriented release, the plot is so thin that it essentially takes a backseat to the sex scenes.  There is barely any plot, or character development to be found, so with that, it seems more suitable to call it a vignette piece.  But as is, what's here is a round of 7 decent sex scenes, so take it for what it's worth.

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My Score : 5/10

Sex scene breakdown :

The film comes right out of the gate with a blowjob featuring the film's couple, Romi Rain and Danny Mountain. It serves as more of a prologue to the film, than an actual sex scene, however.

Scene 1 : Romi Rain and Seth Gamble :
In this scene, Romi's college boytoy, Tim(Seth Gamble), shows up for a little fling.  It begins with Seth going down on Romi.  Before she returns the favor by sucking him off, fast and deep, as she spits on his cock.  Seth fucks her face, with her encouragement.  This continues while Romi's friend watches from outside a window.  The action continues on as Seth bends Romi over the kitchen counter, and proceeds to pound her hard from behind.  The two then get atop the kitchen island for some fun, as Romi rides him in reverse cowgirl.  During this, Romi's legs are spread wide, giving us a nice view.  The action ranges from slow and deep, to fast and hard.  The position then reverses as it going to cowgirl.  Romi rides hard.  The friend continues to watch, as she fingers herself deep.  The scene finishes with Gamble cumming all over Rain's face. The friend also finishes outside.  A good opening scene with nice hard action.  Romi looks great and seems to have enjoyed it.  I personally have always liked Seth Gamble too, he is a good dude from what I know of him.

Scene 2 : Staci Carr and Danny Mountain :
In this scene, Danny Mountain has a "conference call" with Staci Carr.  Of course it's no conference call at all, as the two take to an office for sex.  The two kiss before it leads to Staci sucking Danny off. Danny then bends her over a desk and proceeds to eat her pussy.  Before the position changes to Staci lying back on the desk, as Danny continues his conquest of her nether regions.  He tongues and finger fucks her until things go to Doggy, with Carr again bent over the desk.  Danny hits it steady as Staci's tits are seen jiggling in this position.  Danny goes to eat her ass, before again putting it in and continuing the pace.  A nice underneath view finally gives us a good view of Staci's sweet pussy from this position.  Then, more sucking leads to Mountain sitting in an office chair, as Staci climbs ontop in cowgirl. Staci rides steady, Danny periodically fingers her asshole.  The position puts Staci's ass on nice display as she bounces on the dick.  Several changes in angle give us the details of the action.  Staci dismounts to suck Danny in the seated position, before lying back on the desk, to be fucked more in missionary. Danny holds Staci's legs up, to penetrate her deep and hard, before spreading her wide, and continues until he cums on her face.  A decent scene, but in my opinion it runs a little too long.  Staci is hot.  Too bad she is now retired, but good for her.

Scene 3 : Reena Sky and John Strong :
Maggie's friend, Reena Sky, comes onto her therapist(John Strong), to "relieve" some sexual tension. She sucks him and licks his balls.  They take to the couch, where Eva is fucked in spoon.  Eva then straddles Strong in cowgirl where her ass continues to bounce.  She then sucks him for a brief time, before going the reverse cowgirl.  With her legs spread wide, she bounces away, as Strong fucks her, while rubbing her clit.  Nice and hard action on the couch.  The action then transitions to doggy. Strong hits it hard before Sky takes to her knees to suck him off, before Strong cums in her mouth.  An ok scene with some hard action.

Scene 4 : Eva Lovia and Ryan Driller :
Ryan pretends to come to check on Eva's presentation, but really, he just wants to fuck her.  With execs in the other room, the two hope to discreetly go at it.  Driller puts Lovia on the desk, and proceeds to tongue and finger her love hole, it isn't long before Driller unzips and Love, is sucking and tonguing at his dick and balls.  Next, Eva is against the desk, and getting it in side doggy.  They then take to the desk, where Eva gets on for some cowgirl.  Some POV shots give us a nice view of Lovia's beautiful bouncing ass.  The position then graduates to some side fuck, where Driller steadily hits Lovia's hole.  Things then go to reverse cowgirl, where Eva spreads.  The camera alternates from long to close, give us plenty view of Lovia's bushed, but nicely trimmed pussy.  Eva then lies back on the desk, where Driller proceeds to steadily pound her in missionary.  From here, Driller pounds her hard and fast, before finally cumming in her pussy,  A good scene from porn's literal Superman, and Digital Playground's "It" girl, and winner of last year's DP STAR competition.

Scene 5 :  Reena Sky and Romi Rain :
In this scene, after Maggie(Romi Rain) tries on her new dress in front of "Maggie"(Reena Sky), things get sexual, as the two are soon both undressed.  The two of them kiss passionately, before taking to Maggie's bed. Reena spreads wide, allowing Romi to go at her pussy, with her mouth, and fingers as she lie back.  The roles are then reverse as Reena does the same to Romi.  Reena continues to suck, tongue and finger, before Romi gets on all fours, allowing Reena access from behind.  They then tongue each other, while spitting in each others mouths, before Reena finds herself positioned face down on the bed,  From this position, contentiously eats Reena's pussy and ass.  The girls then 69 a bit, and some spoon, and from here, the scene ends.  A fairly good girl/girl scene, from 2 ladies, who where clearly into it, and each other.

Scene 6 : Alix Lynx and Josie Jagger and Danny Mountain and Ryan Driller  :
Taking place at the masquerade sex party, both Danny Mountain and Ryan Driller are taken to a back room by 2 masked ladies(Alix Lynx and Josie Jagger) for sex.  The 2 ladies begin by sucking the guys deep.  Jagger throats Driller, while Lynx sucks Mountains dick, and then sucks his balls. Following suit, Jagger eventually does the same to Driller's balls as well.  Danny then takes Lynx in cowgirl, Ryan takes Jagger in missionary.  The guys then switch it up, by taking their respective girls into a round of doggystyle.  The girls once again suck the guys, before Ryan takes Josie into deep missionary, while Danny and Alix continue things in doggy.  Then the group switch partners, as Mountain takes Jagger into cowgirl, while Driller takes Lynx into spoon.  It is then that we see Romi Ryan watching from the doorway, shortly before being escorted out by a masked party guest.  During this time, the action continues as both girls are taken into the cowgirl position.  The action the leads to both men cumming.  Ryan is first to cum as he lets it go into Alix's mouth,  Danny soon follows, doing the same into Jagger's mouth.

Scene 7 : Romi Rain and Toni Ribas :
In a continuation of the last scene, we find Romi, and the man(Toni Ribas) have taken to another bedroom, where they go at it.  First, the man allows Rain to finger her hole deep, before he unzips, and has Rain suck.  The blowjob eventually goes to reverse cowgirl on the bed, where the action is fast.  Ribas then manhandles rain into traditional cowgirl.  The action is hard and heavy vaginally, before Romi wants it in her ass.  From here the action goes from slow, to fast and hard.  After this, the action takes to spoon, where it is hard and fast, both in the pussy, and ass.  As he pounds away at her ass, Ribas rams his fingers deep into her pussy.  Things then switch to missionary, which during, Ribas fingers Romi's hole deep and hard making Rain squirt.  The anal action then continues in reverse cowgirl.  It is here that Ribas alternates from Rain's holes, going from pussy to ass.  Ribas continues this is some hard missionary, before cumming on Romi's face.  This was arguably the film's best scene, as the action is hard and heavy with straight and anal sex.  In addition to this, Romi squirts in this scene, making it extra hot.

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