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November 21, 2016

Movie Review: Sudden Fear (1952, Blu-ray)

Reviewed By:

James D.

Sudden Fear” has had an odd trip on its way to blu ray. I first saw this film in 1987, when the 1952 classic was restored in 35 millimeter. The past dvd releases, have raised questions with fans. In the past, this film had picture and sound issues. The copy I had, I could not watch the whole film and went back to Suncoast to tell them. The picture was very low quality and the sound was choppy with blips in it. (The price tag was around 30.00) When I heard the news of the Cohen Film Collection carrying this title, I was iffy.

This print is far and away a better quality print. You can tell they restored this to the absolute best they could. The DVD from yesteryear was bare bones; this has some amazing special features. The best being an audio commentary by Jeremy Arnold. If you know the Turner Classics, you know he is the film historian. (If not, well he is a very thorough and excellent talent to have in commentary) We also get a trailer to the film as well.

To call this film one of Joan Crawford best is fair. This film just shows you why she is such a major deal to the film historians. She plays Myra Hudson. She is a very successful playwright. In the past, Myra fired Lester Blaine as a lead actor in a Broadway play. They meet again on a train back to her place in N.Y. This meeting proves to be interesting because during it, she starts to fall in love with him. Soon enough, they get married. The marriage on the surface seems absolutely perfect. That is till he meets up with his former lover Irene. Irene and Jack come up with a plan to murder Myra and run away with her money. When Myra finds out about this plan is when the title of the film really comes into play. This noir did not fare well when it was first introduced in 1952. This film did fare better when it was re-released in 1987. I will say right now, this film is just a thrilling nonstop roller coaster ride. The acting in this film from the lead lead characters just translates into viewing pleasure.

Sudden Fear really takes a few minutes to get going, but once it does get going, it just never stops.

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