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October 23, 2011

Movie Review: Sugar Boxx (2009)

by Corby Kennard

An investigative journalist has herself thrown in a woman's prison to unmask the corruption of the local judges and Sheriff. The judges; blink-and-you'll-miss-'em cameos by Tura Satana and Jack Hill; and the sheriff are getting kickbacks from the warden for trumping up charges and filling the prison with hot young girls. The warden uses the prison population as whores for local bigwigs. She also receives government money to care for the prisoners, but most of it goes right in her pocket. The journalist is able to join the stable of whores and find all the records that prove the warden is guilty of graft and pimping. And the ironic twist is that the warden becomes an inmate herself. Oh, sorry - SPOILER!

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This film is bad, but at least there's plenty of nudity, rape, and lesbianism to distract you from the terrible dialog and acting. The "prison" looks like a picnic area at a local park that the director rented for the weekend. The "cells" are tents around a picnic table. The only building in the film doubles as the Warden's office and the whorehouse for the girls who want early parole. Prisoners wander around in the bushes "working" or something, and there are apparently only three guards for the entire population. Also, the high security gate is a wooden fence at the end of a road with a cardboard sign telling people it's a prison.

There may be something here to satisfy fans of the Women In Prison genre, as long as they don't care about story, dialog, pacing, cinematography, or acting. This might have been intended as an homage to Jack Hill's exploitation films, but even he couldn't bear to be around this stinker for longer than a few seconds. Feel free to avoid.

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