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October 22, 2011

Movie Review: Lizard Boy (2011)

By Travis G.

D: Paul Della Pelle

A geneticist working on highly top secret project for the government making super cross breed reptiles is having a little trouble in the bedroom. While he may be a genetic genius in the lab hes a dud in the bedroom. So much so that his fiancĂ© dumps him. So instead of creating a hot new love slave he decides to use reptile DNA to make a kid. As kids are always nothing but trouble instead of dealing with a scratched fender, Mr Henderson’s broken window or a missing beer from the fridge he is now dealing with an MMA loving reptilian offspring that has a bad habit of leaving dead bodies around. If that weren’t enough he now has the government after him realizing that he has been up to more than downloading questionable porn while he is suppose to be working.

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At first I was going to say this movie would be alright for those who don’t mind sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and watching some Syfy films on a Saturday night, but as the movie goes on it's becomes increasingly difficult to recommend.

The really awkward acting didn’t even bother me. I didn’t even mind the Power Rangerish type action/kung fu fighting. Even with the plot being all over the place it didn’t really bother me but the film is way to long. At one point I just want the film to be over.

They did well with just enough blood to satisfy the gorehounds or at least fool them into thinking this film was gory. I like a lot of Cinema Epoch stuff but they should have stayed far away from this one.

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