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October 9, 2011

Movie Review: Confessions of a Superhero (2008)

I'm always a fan of people watching. I like to study movements. The way someone walks or the way his mouth moves when he talks gives me insight into the person. Watching broader actions can be more telling. We're all the same in some ways, but some of us float in our own orbits at times. That's the idea you get when you watch Confessions of a Superhero. It's that strange orbit that makes a person a little more interesting than the rest of us.

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Christopher Dennis is definitely a man from somewhere else. He might tell you he's from Krypton, but that makes sense when you see him. Chris makes his living dressed as Superman on Hollywood Boulevard. Though he stands in from of Mann's Theater, he has no affiliation with them. He also doesn't belong to an agency. He's on his own, and he takes pictures with tourists hoping to earn tips. He's joined by many out on the street, but the focus of the film stays on him and three others. They are Batman, Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk.

While I can dismiss Wonder Woman and The Hulk from being crazy, I can't do that with the other two. Wonder Woman and Hulk are portrayed by struggling actors looking for some extra cash. They attend auditions regularly and study to improve their craft. This is a side job to them and nothing more. I wish I could say the same for Batman and Superman.

Batman is interesting. He is a George Clooney lookalike, and he may or may not have killed people in Texas while working for a mobster. The whole thing is a little crazy. He has anger issues and thinks that he'll be discovered while taking pictures on the sidewalk. Chris Dennis has the same problem, but his Superman obsession is deep. He thinks he can be a leading man, and he somehow thinks that his uncanny resemblance to Christopher Reeve will help him. I will say that he does look like Reeve with a hint of Norm MacDonald. It's a little eerie.

I'd definitely recommend this documentary to anyone who likes to peek in on the lives of others. There are deep issues with three of the actors here, and you get into some personal history with all of them. Don't just watch these people. Study them. You'll notice things, and it helps you get into their stories.

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