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October 17, 2011

Movie Review: Twilight Dinner (1998)

As a connoiseur of Asian sleaze I've been pleasantly surprised by the output of the company Pink Eiga. I'm only three titles into their library and each feature has provided their own unique brand of perverse fun. Both Whore Angels and The Japanese Wife Next Door managed to tickle the funny bone while at the same time put on display some lovely and very naked women. Yutaka Ikejima's Twilight Dinner ( AKA Moon Light Dinner ), is my most recent watch and aside from rampant skin coming across the screen, it couldn't be more different the two other titles mentioned. This is "Mr. Pink's" take on a sub-genre near and dear to my heart, the lesbian vampire film.

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Kazuhiko ( Kyosuke Sasaki ) is being questioned by Japanese police for committing a horrific sexual crime towards a young girl. A brief glimpse is shown in the opening of what Kazuhiko does and it not only disgusts the authorities but it seems to to the same for Kazuhiko. Here we see Kazuhiko begin to tell the story of how he got to the point of madness.

Two attractive sisters have moved in across the street from Kazuhiko, Mayako ( Kanae Mizuhara ) and her older sibling, Tsukiko ( Yumi Yoshiyuki ).  Kazuhiko quickly falls in love with both sisters. He starts off  his conquest of the two ladies by putting the moves on the younger more attractive Mayako. Wine soon leads to hanky panky. Before too long Tsukiko ( the alpha-female of the two)  gets her hands on Kazuhiko - giving him the ride of his life. During a kiss within this encounter, Tsukiko nearly takes a chunk off of Kazuhiko, then laps up the blood. It's just rough sex, right?? Or maybe..the ladies are bloodsuckers.

Yutaka Ikejima and cinematographer Shoji Shimizu really do a nice job of capturing atmosphere. Some of the shots, particularly in the sister's apartment have the feel of early Mario Bava, with such a concentration on the usage of vibrant colors. There's even a sex scene that I found to be very clever. A reflection of a sex act is being shown on a pair of glasses. This was actually quite cool.

If you're expecting pristine quality on the picture and sound quality, it isn't here. Considering the source though it's good, as Twilight Dinner was transfered from a digi-beta master on not film materials. Quality film materials for the film are pretty non-existent, so Pink Eiga provides what is the best possible release in it's completely uncut form. Extras wise, the disc is packed. There are featurettes, trailers, deleted scenes, a video commentary over the feature. Ikejima previews Twilight Dinner II: Basket Case. Here Ikejima goes over his ideas on a sequel - complete with storyboards to accompany his thoughts. I'd love to see this when it's ready.

Ikejima's Twilight Dinner is sexy, bloody, atmospheric and even shocking for a Pink Film. Pink Eiga has yet another winner that will please admirers of fangs and skin from the Far East.

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