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December 16, 2010

Movie Review: Tromeo and Juliet (Blu-Ray)

What’s a better way to learn the famous words of Bill Shakespeare than through a visual medium produced by the great B movie pioneer, Lloyd Kaufman? In 1996, Romeo and Juliet was brought back to the screen by Baz Luhrmann, starring teen-idol ,Leonardo Dicaprio. Not long after, James Gunn (Slither, Dawn of the Dead), a young up-and-coming screenwriter, penned his own take on the historical story of two “Star-crossed lovers” titled, Tromeo and Juliet. Baz Vs. Lloyd… who can give Shakespeare the justice he most certainly deserves? If you know my taste, you can guess who I picked.

Will Keenan and Jane Jensen both star as the ill-fated couple . Tromeo and Juliet is about two rival familys named; the Que's and the Capulet's. These families stopped getting along ever since, Cappy Capulet (William Beckwith)had a falling out with Monty Que(Earl McKoy) over their unique filmmaking endeavors. Both families grow apart over time, until Tromeo and Juliet find an undying love together. It doesn’t take to long before we're witness to the usual Troma strengths: Graphic nudity, potty humor, gigantic angry penis monsters and gratuitous acts of violence. Troma scream queens, Tiffany Shepis and Debbie Rochon are also, thankfully, on board this sleazy ride, and put on they’re typical over-the-top sexy performances in - that will surely make fans of these beauties, gitty with school-boy masturbatory enjoyment. Did I mention Joe Fleishaker yet? Yes, everybody’s favorite Troma blob, literally eats the scenery any time his magnificent figure is on screen.

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As expected ,we are treated to a wealth of extra features : Four audio commentaries with cast and crew including writer James Gunn, director Lloyd Kaufman, Oscar-nominee Frank Reynolds and co-star Sean Gunn, Deleted scenes (including the long-lost Ron Jeremy scene) Fan re-enactments of classic scenes, Interviews with cast and crew including stars Debbie Rochon, Tiffany Shepis, Sean Gunn and Lemmy, Slithering Through Hollywood: Lloyd Kaufman’s video diary of the James Gunn film Slither and finally Getting Hostel with Hollywood: James Gunn and Lloyd Kaufman visit Eli Roth s birthday party. It’s pretty packed as you can see. The multiple audio commentaries do add quite a bit of replay value to the disc, as they are quite entertaining. The Kaufman/Gunn commentary alone, may have you flipping it on for a second run through.

This presentation of Tromeo and Juliet on Blu-Ray is quite good. We do have a few scenes that have minor print damage, but it’s hardly anything to really grumble about. The color is noticeably better in this incarnation, and is definitely a reason why fans of this film should upgrade. The audio overall is ok, no spectacular improvements in that department. From what I’ve seen so far, Troma’s shown some dedication to improving the quality of both picture and audio of their features. They’ve no doubt, done a solid job here with Tromeo and Juliet, as they did with their other two more recent Blu-Ray Releases, Class Of Nuke ‘Em High and Poultreygeist: Night Of the Chicken Dead.

I’ve been able to view three Troma Blu-Ray efforts, and so far it's just made me more eager to see where they go from here. Tromeo and Juliet is well deserving of the quality Blu-ray treatment it’s received on this first-rate release.


  1. I love this movie! The Kaufman/Gunn commentary sounds great. I may have to consider the upgrade.

  2. One of Troma's best ever. Love Will Keenan and Jane Jensen, though it was Valentine Miele that owns this film as Murray Martini. It's a shrine worthy performance. In other news, Lemmy is still god.

  3. I should have given Lemmy more love in the review. He is indeed the messiah.