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December 13, 2010

Movie Review: Straight Up - Helicopters In Action (Blu-Ray)

We have yet to do a review of any of the several IMAX DVDS or Blu-Rays here at the Cheese. That however, is going to change, as we in our ever changing journey to be the versatile and unique haven for film aficionados, are taking a break from the many horror and cult titles(for at least this review)that you see so often as the focus on the site. Today, it’s Straight Up : Helicopters in Action (Blu-Ray edition) from Vista Point Entertainment in association with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Legendary actor, Martin Sheen lends his voice to the narration of this IMAX feature, directed by David Douglas. Sheen is solid, and the narration is very simple and devoid of too much technical details that may leave those unfamiliar with the inner workings of Apaches and Cobras scratching their heads. Viewers are treated to a rich variety of helicopters in this documentary( more than a dozen total) that fly on rescue missions, deliver aid to people in need and even repair power lines; at the same time putting the viewer, right in the action.

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Most of the feature, as you’d expect does contain dramatizations to coincide with each of the unique helicopters. Don’t expect superb acting, but do expect to be impressed with the amazing photography and camera work ,that makes this 70MM IMAX film print a visual treat that will challenge your Blu-Ray player with it’s excellent clarity and sound. My personal favorite segment, is the repairing of power-line lines - by some extremely daring individuals. The fact that a guy steps out of a helicopter while it hovers in one spot, to do his job, had me in awe.

Vista Point has provided several extra features that put some added value this Blu-Ray: Taking Off :Behind The Scenes of Straight Up: Helicopters in Action, a Director's Commentary, the theatrical trailer and an enjoyable featurette called Careers In Action. The actual people who work with helicopters on a daily basis in their occupations are for the most part absent in the feature in favor of the magnificent vehicles. This featurette, thankfully highlights the amazing folks that risk their lives on a day to day basis using these dangerous machines .

You’re enjoyment level of Straight Up: Helicopters in Action would undoubtedly be at its highest point if viewed in an IMAX theater. With that said, a 40-inch TV (or above) will still make you feel like your inside the cockpit commanding one of these flying beasts. Definitely recommended to helicopter afficianados or fans of any IMAX productions.

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