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December 17, 2010

Movie Review: Wasteland Tales (2010)

Another World Entertainment has made a steady impression on the genre DVD market in Europe. Many of their titles don’t yet have region one releases, but that shouldn’t keep anyone here in the states from checking out their very eclectic product. Wasteland Tales, is just one of those releases that you may want to take a gander at if you’re into exploitation and grindhouse cinema . The DVD is a compilation of some incredibly campy and surprisingly well shot Danish short-films (The Last Warrior, Eastern Army, Connected, I Barbari Dei Cph, Max Fury og Tutorial - How to Kill a Racist).

Wasteland Tales has no doubt, been a pleasant surprise for this particular cult film fan. Thanks to this release, I’ve been able to witness some truly fine up-and –coming micro-budget talents . The names David Sakurai, Philip TH Pedersen, Jack Hansen, Shaky Gonzalez, Jonas Drotner Mouritsen and Jens Christensen may not be household names, but if Wasteland Tales is an indication of what these gentlemen can do, everybody keep your eyes on Denmark for your cult film needs. I am quite impressed with each of the offerings on Wasteland Tales. The fact that these short-films are also in English language(some American actors were utilized) helps a great deal with the enjoyment of the films. So don’t worry about not understanding if you’re not fluent in Danish.

Danish B movie king, Kim Sonderholm (The Horror Vault Trilogy, Tour De Force, Craig) makes a welcome appearance as Dr. Enzo (Enzo Castellari??) , in the goofy and frenetically action-packed post-apocalyptic chop-socky, I Barbari Dei Cph, from director David Sakurai . This short, along with The Last Warrior are personal faves. All the shorts have a Post Apocalyptic theme but have their own style that makes each refreshing. The sets aren’t entirely cheesy; there actually pretty authentic to the theme. Expect quite a bit of bloodshed, some intentional and unintentional laughs and even some gorgeous woman baring very "enhanced" flesh in between sword battles. Oh, did I mention lesbianism too??

Wasteland Tales is an excellent stocking stuffer for any fan of the popular Post Apocalyptic trash that the great Enzo Castellari( 1990: Bronx Warriors, Warriors of the Wasteland, Inglourious Bastards) and other cult film directors churned out in the '80s. You will need a region free DVD player if your not in Europe. For more information on this release, please go to the Another World Entertainment Website:

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