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March 23, 2011

Movie Review: Aegri Somnia (2008, Absurd Machine Films)

Absurd Machine Films brings this underground Canadian experimental film to DVD.

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Film: 2/5

Aegri Somnia begins with Edgar, a soul sucked depressing man, coming home after a long day a work. Edgar and his bitch of a wife, Muriel argue over unnecessary expenditures and infertility issues. Muriel storms away to the bathroom alone while Edgar passes out on the couch. After a lurid dream, Edgar finds Muriel dead in the tub filled with blood. This triggers a descent into darkness that Edgar and his psyche may not survive.

Many of the reviews I've read regarding this flick have all been pretty positive. I can definitely see why but for me something just didn't click. There are things I totally dug but mostly I was completely uninterested. So first off, the pros. The cinematography is absolutely great. The unconventional shots do the film a great favor. Aegri Somnia has many black/white scenes which act as a character and are reminiscent of early noir pictures. Another great aspect is the original composed music. The look and sound of Aegri Somnia creates a dread atmosphere that many films of it's kind lack.

Although, like I said before, Aegri Somnia didn't do much for me. It's obvious David Lynch and other unorthodox filmmakers were a large influence on the making of this. I usually dig experimental films, albeit they are an acquired taste, not something you can just pop in and watch anytime. While watching this I just tuned out about half way though. I was still watching, but nothing was connecting with me. Aegri Somnia is filled with bizarre abstract imagery that did keep my interest though. That combined with the cinematography compelled me to not write it off.

Artistically, Aegri Somnia succeeds. It's a beauty to watch without a doubt. Everything else just gave me a "meh" feeling. Different stokes for different folks I guess. I'll definitely keep my eye on the filmmakers behind this. I would very much like to see what their follow up flick will look like.

DVD: 3/5

Screener copy so I don't have all the technical deets. I can say the transfer looks stellar, almost HD quality. Sound is up to par also, no problems with technically here.

Bonus Features: 1/5

* Original Trailer
That's all folks.

 Aegri Somnia isn't a bad film. This is a love it or hate it kinda of flick. I say definitely check it out to form your own opinion, especially if you're a fan of experimental films.

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