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March 22, 2011

"Sex, Demons and Death" Coming Soon from One 7 Movies and CAV Distribution!

Sex, Demons and Death

Original title: Diabolicamente… Letizia
Year: 1975
Country: Italy

Directed by: Salvatore Bugnatelli
Written by: Lorenzo Artale, Salvatore Bugnatelli
Cinematography by: Remo Grisanti
Original music by: Giuliano Sorgini

Cast: Franca Gonella, Mirella Daroda, Gianni Dei, Cesare Di Vito, Giorgio Bugnatelli

Satan’s mistress on a sex prowl!

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After having been abandoned by her family in a college, Letizia is brought home by her uncle and aunt. Since the couple is unable to have children, they think that Letizia will somehow help them to overcome their frustrated parental grief. But they are gravely mistaken since the fiendish girl has her own agenda.

A lost gem of Euro occult cinema, Sex, Demons and Death is like an unholy marriage between The Omen and Ed Wood at his most flamboyantly psychotronic. Add a lot of throbbing carnal action and plenty of cheap thrills to the mix and you will have a satanic sex thriller like you have never seen before. Culled together from the last surviving original elements on 35 mm, Sex, Demons and Death is presented for the first time ever in DVD.

Extra: Original trailer

Aspect ratio: 1.77:1 (16/9) - color
Length: 99 min.
Language: Italian (original mono)
Subtitles: English
Region: 0

Catalog # 17M010
Genre: Erotica
List price: $ 29.95

Diabolicamente… Letizia © 1975 B.R.C. International Films
Under exclusive license by One 7 Movies. All rights reserved

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