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March 29, 2011

Eats & Drinks Review: Diet Mountain Dew Supernova and Voltage

I am a big beverage guy. I like to try different sodas, and I have tried every new flavor of Mountain Dew that has ever existed. There are some that I love, like Livewire, and some that I thought were a little odd, like Pitch Black. When Dew launched their original series of fan flavors, I absolutely loved Supernova, but it didn't make the final cut when the fan votes were counted. I was very happy to see it make a return.

Dew released two former contestants in a diet version. The previously mentioned Supernova, which is a strawberry melon flavor, and the original winner, Voltage, which is a raspberry citrus flavor. I was never a big fan of Voltage, so it was easy for me to decide which I liked better. I will say this: neither flavor tastes like a diet. The original Diet Mountain Dew has a diety aftertaste that hampers so many diet sodas. Diet Code Red has it slightly, but it really isn't very noticeable. The two new diets have about the same level of diet aftertaste.

Diet Supernova is good. The strawberry flavor comes out more than the melon. It goes down really easy and I think I drank the first one I had in a manner of minutes. I actually had to get a second to give it a fair assessment.

Diet Voltage is okay. Again, I don't care for the regular, but it's not bad. It's better than the regular Diet Dew. It doesn't really taste like raspberry. It just sort of has a generic berry flavor. It's decent, but I definitely prefer the Supernova.

You can decide for yourself and cast your vote at I cast mine for Supernova. Maybe this time it'll get its due, or Dew. Whatever.

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  1. I'm going to have to try these before it's too late. I'm not as big of a soda guy as I used to be, but I usually go to the original Dew when I need to get myself into a classic low-budget movie watching mode.