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May 20, 2011

Movie Review: Graphic Sexual Horror (2009)

Documentaries are almost always interesting. Sometimes they can help you expand your knowledge on something you already know about, and sometimes they can teach you about something you are ignorant of. Sometimes they tell you stories about people. Graphic Sexual Horror was a little about people and a little about something I really knew nothing about. It was interesting and odd, and it wasn't what I thought it would be.

I'll admit to looking at my share of adult videos on the Internet. Long before sites like YouPorn and Red Tube, you could see clips on sites like Stile Project or Ebaum's World mixed in with Flash cartoons. I'd always get weird things in my inbox from friends, and some of it would be crazy bondage stuff. One of the first websites to capitolize on this was Insex. They took willing models and put them through all kinds of sexual torture and ended up with a large following. They had around 35,000 people paying $60 a month to watch videos and live feeds based on their fetish. That's not a ton of people in the grand scheme of things, but it's enough to qualify as a niche.

I never got the allure to that sort of thing, and even after watching this movie, I still don't. Maybe I'm just simple and like normal sex. Maybe I'm missing out on something, but when I think of the work it takes to get a girl in bed in the first place, I can't imagine going through all of this work to get her tied up or in a cage. On top of that, I could imagine finding the enormous amount of bruises attractive, but to each his own.

The most intriguing part to me was the connection to Homeland Security. The department was able to convince banks that the site was funneling money to terrorists, and they had issues processing credit cards. I wish they had focused more on this angle, but it only did for a mere few minutes. Overall, the movie was interesting. You find out what caused the head of the site, known as pd, to have this fetish, but you don't get that far with the models. They explain being attracted to it, but they don't go into details. That may have made it more interesting. If you're into BDSM, you'll enjoy this flick. If not, you still might. It's interesting to try to understand finding pleasure in something that makes no sense to you.

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