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May 24, 2011

Movie Review: Not Of This Earth (1988)

by James DePaolo

Plot - When a mysterious stranger arrives in town, he hires Nadine as his nurse. Although the pay is great, she becomes more and more suspicious of the stranger when his request for blood transfusions become more frequent. After some junior detective work, Nadine finds out that her new boss is not who he appears to be . . . and he is not even from our planet!

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Review - If you look in the dictionary at the terms "Guilty Pleasure", this film will have a big write up. I mean, this film is cheese. Hey, the review is on Cinema Head Cheese, what a shocker.. eh. Not of this Earth was one of Traci Lords first roles after her porn debacle. Here she looks extremely beautiful in a nurse's outfit, but, she also shows that she has some great acting chops. This film is just B movie delight. It has gratuitous nudity and probably the only film that Traci appeared nude in.

The production is super cheap. There are a few scenes you can see camera people in reflections on car windows. Not of this Earth could make for a good drinking game in that respect. You can even see a shadow that looks like the boom mic. The extra on the DVD is the commentary by Corman veteran director, Jim Wynorski. And being that I was such a die hard fan of Chopping Mall and also Jim's documentary Popatopolis, I enjoyed the commentary a lot. And if you watched Popatopolis you know Jim is a die-hard Corman supporter. Knowing more about all involved with this film now than when I was 20 and originally watched this on VHS really added to the film. In the end, the transfer was really well done.

Kudos to Shout! Factory for this release. If you are a die hard fan of anyone involved in this film, you must own it. If not, you should at least re-watch it again..And to think actresses like Sasha Grey and Jenna, can all thank Traci for paving this way for them.

8 out of 10

Traci Lords in 1988... stunning...

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