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May 26, 2011

Movie Review: Food, Inc. (2009)

I held off on watching this movie for quite a long time. I already knew a decent amount about how disgusting our food is. A friend of mine told me once about his brother who worked for the company that supplied Taco Bell its meat. According to him, they use a processed F grade meat that's mixed with a caking agent that holds in all of the grease so that the food doesn't drip. That means you ingest every little drop of grease, and whatever the fuck it is that holds it together. Do you want to know what we were doing while he was telling me this? We were eating in a Taco Bell. No bullshit.

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I remember what Super Size Me did to my appetite for fast food. It killed that for a month. Of course, I've gone back to it many times over. That's not a good thing. I wondered if this movie would have the same effect on me. In a way, it did. I ate bacon and processed lunchmeat right after watching it, but I don't want to feed that crap to my kid. Why the double standard? Why shouldn't I take care of myself, especially with my recent high cholesterol and blood pressure? I have no idea. That's the question I really need to ask myself after watching Food, Inc.

The movie is somewhat about how bad the food industry is for you. It's also a little about the cruelty the animals suffer through on factory farms. It's partially about the takeover of the soybean industry. The real message here is that we eat like shit, and we need to change that. I really got uncomfortable after watching this. It wasn't really the content of the movie. I ate spaghetti while watching Faces of Death. Lately, I've been feeling run down, out of shape and just plain terrible. I get nervous around food, because I know what it's doing to me. I think that's what you should take away from this movie. What can you do to eat healthier? Does diabetes, heart disease or obesity sound good to you? Me either. I'll tell you what. I'm going to start getting it together. I don't enjoy these chest pains. I don't think you would either.

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