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June 14, 2012

TV on DVD Review: American Pickers Vol. 3 (2012)

HISTORY’s ratings record-breaker is finally back with an all-new installment! (and not a moment too soon in my opinion)

In small towns and along America’s back roads, treasures are waiting to be uncovered- valuable relics that are a part of this country’s history which are hidden in back yard junk piles, buried in hundred year old barns and stacked to the rafters in peoples garages. It takes experts to find them and turn rust into riches.

American Pickers follows two of the most skilled “pickers” on the planet- Mike Wolfe, the owner of Antique Archaeology, and his side-kick and business partner, Frank Fritz, as they hunt down objects with historical, collectable and pop culture value. Usually striking gold in the most unassuming of places.
Along the way they meet, make friends with and ultimately do business with some of the grumpiest, funniest and most fascinating and real people you will ever see on reality tv. People who’s own stories open a window into the past, allowing all of us to take a peek back at what life was like before most of us were even around.

In American Pickers Vol. 3 Mike and Frank explore a centuries-old amusement park, pick their way through a geodesic dome and after years of begging, finally allow Danielle to get in on the action. (and this is just scratching the surface of whats in this awesome 2 disc set.)

American Pickers has been referred to as “Hillbilly Pawn Stars”, but in my book its like comparing apples and oranges. In Pawn Stars, the seller is at a complete disadvantage and basically at the mercy of the guys behind the counter. Its really a wham-bam-thank you or no thanks exchange between two strangers that is over pretty quickly and then its on to the next customer. American Pickers is the polar-opposite of this business philosophy. Before Mike and Frank even have the slightest chance of even laying eyes on a potential purchase they must first build a rapport and friendship with complete strangers, gain their trust, and if they’re lucky those people will then open the barn doors and allow the boys to have a peek at whats inside. And even getting inside doesnt always guarantee they will be able to pry these peoples beloved treasures from them. It takes wits, a good sense of humor and the ability to convey a sense of trust and respect before the wheels are greased well enough for the money to start exchanging hands. Mike and Frank are both masters at accomplishing this, and fans of the show will tell you, these two guys are as genuine as it gets. Their outgoing and likeable personalities are perfectly suited to the job they love and that is the fuel that runs the reality tv show their fans cant get enough of.

The thing I most love about this show is the fact that money takes a back seat to the telling of stories, corny jokes and the building of friendships between complete strangers. We get to meet fascinating and real people and take a glimpse at the goodies they have accumulated over a lifetime of collecting. From old bikes to beer signs, from antique pinball machines to ancient gas pumps and door handles, its all got a story behind it and we get to live it.

Theres no chance of running into the Kardashians, Snookie or The Situation on these back-roads and byways, and that alone makes this the most welcome place to be when I want my reality tv fix.

American Pickers Vol. 3 offers over five and a half hours of home-spun fun, country hospitality and fascinating history lessons packed into the 2 disc set. If your a fan, picking up this dvd is a no-brainer.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed By KennyB

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