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June 7, 2012

Movie Review: Goon (2012)

Why, oh why do I love biopics so? While I do know that they are often factually imperfect, they're still a great way to learn a little about someone. I also think it has something to do with the fact that they are usually inspirational. I can almost always root for the main character. I can't tell you how much I rooted for Doug Glatt while watching Goon. Based on the biography of the same name by former minor league hockey player Doug Smith, Goon is not only inspirational, but fun and funny, and it builds your anticipation for an ending that anyone can predict and everyone can hope for.

Doug Glatt (Sean William Scott) is a bouncer at a local bar, but more than that, he's a lost soul. He has no direction in his life. His parents are disappointed in him, but his brother and friends know he's a great guy. His best friend Ryan (Jay Baruchel), who has a small TV show about hockey, takes Doug to a game to cheer him up. After Doug scraps with one of the players, he catches the eye of the team's coach and is handed a sweater and a pair of skates. Doug is quickly bumped up into a higher league, and is soon compared to an aging player known for being a goon.

Scott is fantastic as Glatt. This is my favorite role of his to date. Liev Schreiber plays the small but pivotal role of Ross Rhea, the eventual nemesis of Glatt, and he's perfect. Baruchel provides the laughs, Kim Coates does a wonderful job as the coach, and I can't name a single bad thing about this movie. Yes, you know exactly where this is going, but Goon does a great job amping you up for the expected finale. The best part is that it doesn't disappoint in any way. Just writing this review makes me want to close my laptop and go watch it again. This is highly recommended. Another home run from Magnet Releasing.

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