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December 23, 2013

"Rewind This!" Coming to DVD January 14th 2014!



The Nostalgia-Filled History of the Home video Format, Told by Both Filmmakers and Movie-Renting Fans, Arrives on DVD From Film Buff on January 14, 2014

The videocassette tape, once the cutting edge of home entertainment, is now a relic, but the story of its rise and fall becomes compelling viewing in REWIND THIS!, a loving and enlightening history of the format and the lives it helped change. The documentary comes to DVD from FilmBuff on January 14, 2014, with an SRP of $24.98. The film will also be available as a DVD/VHS bundle exclusively through Amazon.

Until the late 1970s, the only way to see movies uncut and uncensored was in a theater or on the new and not-widely-available pay cable. But the arrival of VHS, and its competing videotape format Beta, created a revolution that would ultimately change how movies were seen, distributed and even produced. It was an exploding industry without rules, where new terms like "fast-forward" and "direct-to-video" entered the vocabulary, and where the previously unheard of notion of owning movies became a reality. The simultaneous invention of the camcorder allowed everyone to become a filmmaker, leading to, among other things, the "found footage" genre of movies epitomized by The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, not to mention the rise of the adult industry.
REWIND THIS! traces the story of VHS tape from its heyday as the mainstream homevideo format to its current status as a nostalgic relic and prize to collectors who still cherish it. Featuring interviews with both filmmakers and enthusiasts from the VHS era, including Troma Entertainment legend Lloyd Kaufman, art-house auteur Atom Egoyan and Hobo With a Shotgun filmmaker Jason Eisener, REWIND THIS! is the definitive story of the format that came to be synonymous with the home entertainment revolution.

The Hollywood Reporter called the film "lively history" and said it "makes some good observations about video and the culture it enabled." "[Director Josh] Johnson's savvy authority ... will leave many film-and-video lovers begging for more," wrote Jeff Shannon of The Seattle Times. Annette Kellerman, writing at Ain't It Cool News, said the film "expertly tells a comprehensive story of the rise and fall of the VHS format. A wonderfully nostalgic and cohesive documentary, I cannot recommend it strongly enough."

The REWIND THIS! DVD is packed with extras, including original animations, a special music video and over an hour of bonus interview footage on remix culture, laserdiscs and more.

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