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April 13, 2014

Movie Review: Battle of the Damned (2013)

Reviewed By: James

Dolph Lundgren meets Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, Pacific Rim and World War Z. We start the film off with the infection threat. Dolph is on a mission to go with his crew and rescue a very important scientist’s daughter in a city that holds very few survivors but a ton of zombies. A military blockade surrounds the city and no one is allowed to enter it or leave it. So, Dolph who plays Major Max Gatling is going thru this city looking for his daughter named Jude. The first ten to fifteen minutes you get the fast running zombies who destroy all of Dolph’s team except him. After the opening credits which happen around the 15 minute mark we meet Jude who is a pretty badass fighter and zombie killer herself. When Dolph rescues her, is when we learn that Jude is part of a survival group that is led by Duke. The film goes into story mode with us learning about all the survivors and watching Max try to get Jude to leave with him. There is just one catch; Jude wants all of them to leave together not just her. Which fumbles the plan of Max because he knows her father is going to burn down the whole city and everyone will die. The robots come into serious play around the 50 minute mark, and I will admit it was not as hokey as I thought it would be.

The robots are on the side of the humans, so it becomes the zombies vs. the robots. Let’s be honest, the film has so many plot holes that you will lose count. The acting is not the best, but this is a direct to video film starring Dolph, one should know what they are getting into just by that description alone. The shocker to this film is that I had a blast. I enjoyed this film more than the remake of Robocop. One was made for 100 million dollars and the other for 100.00 dollars. (Joking) This film had great fight sequences, some very cool zombie gore and the zombies were not shy. You got a ton of zombie love in this film, and you got the bad Dolph one liners that kept you rolling your eyes trying not to admit you smirked to it. This film is so cheesy fun, that I cannot see how anyone with a pulse could not watch it and be entertained.

The negatives to this film are so many, but those led to this film being so fun. This is a film you put on with your friends and sit back and be entertained by how goofy it is. I know serious people will say this is just sophomoric and bad cinema, but let’s be honest these are the kind of films that people remember more than the masterpieces. You ask me ten films I seen in the last 3 years that I thought were incredible and I have to think, you tell me ten good cheesy films that I had a ball watching and I can just go on and on.

All in all, at this point in his career Dolph is still having fun and films like this I say let him keep having fun.

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