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April 7, 2014

Interracial Sex Havoc Part #3: 1975

We continue our journey through interracial sex in the movies, and this time we’ll take a look at films from 1975. Not all films included here are pornographic, but they had to have at least one interracial sex scene in order to qualify. For this chapter I wrote about plenty of golden age porn [one including legend John Holmes], a couple of art films [one by Pier Paolo Pasolini] and more. So, enjoy!

La bête (1975)
This English, French, Italian co-production is set in France and it concerns the adventures of the title’s beast which is raping women in the woods. Bestiality you say, but all I see is a man in a suit. There are a lot of horses fucking each other in this film too. I wish I was making this up.
The director’s name (Walerian Borowczyk) says a lot to some people, but I am not a fan of his work. Anyway, this exploitative “art” film contains several interracial sex scenes between a sexy white girl and a black servant [Hassane Fall]. Those are always interrupted and the poor girl has to masturbate afterwards, but said scenes don’t seem pornographic when compared to the sequences described in the above paragraph. The humour is also lame, and the icing on the cake is a disgusting masturbation scene that involves a rose. I’m grossed.

Count the Ways (1975)
Cunt the ways! I always wanted to write that. Now, on with the film... It was written and directed by Ann Perry and when it doesn’t focus on hardcore sex scenes, it looks like a decent exploitation movie from its era.
The story revolves around a teacher who loves his poetry, but above all loves young flesh (well, not so young judging by the apparent age of the female stars). The first (rather quick) sex scene happens between him and one of his students. They start to make out in soft-core fashion, then the shot goes out of focus, then in focus again and the thing becomes hardcore.
The second sex scene happens in the back of a van between a moustached man and a hot girl. It’s actually hot and impressive considering how risky it was to film it as the van’s windows were open and the vehicle was driven in the middle of a busy highway. You can see other cars passing by, whilst obviously their drivers had no idea they’d become part of classic smut history. It’s amazing how this film doesn’t stick to cheap interiors, unlike much of the era’s crap quickies.
Anyway, a bit later, the van’s student couples go in a cabin where they fuck each other’s brains out, whilst the moustached guy wears Super-Man underwear. And here we have the film’s only interracial scene of interest: it happens between a white guy and a black girl.
The film’s hottest scene though happens between a black man and a black girl who get it on in a bathtub. Her breasts are gorgeous beyond belief.
And there’s also a scene in which the teacher is fucking a student in the snow. I’m not sure how he managed to get a hard-on in such a freezing environment, but he did. I’m sure they got pneumonia from the stunt though.
The last scene is quite arty and it reminded me of the late-night ‘90s soft-core TV movies, only this is hardcore.

Mandingo (1975)
This film takes place in the 1840s U.S.A. and kicks off with white men negotiating the prices of black servants in the slave market. Every-day humiliation is the norm. Black girls get cleaned up in order to sexually please their white masters (we get to see plenty of interracial sex). A black man gets hanged upside down and spanked (until he starts to bleed), because he learned how to read and write, which was forbidden for the slaves. The whole thing is repulsive and creepy. The build-up for what is about to come is good.
The settings are beautiful and so is the camera work. And the soundtrack is excellent. But still it makes me wonder how director Richard Fleischer [Amityville 3-D (1983)] managed to find people (especially actors) to be part of such gruesome scenes. But then again we’re talking about the ‘70s here, an era during which pretty much anything could happen on film.
Anyway, one of the white torturers gets married, but his wife will seduce one of their slaves. This is the main reason for which to see the film and this is the scene everybody is talking about. When the slave bangs her, the intercourse is used as a “revenge” tool. The scene is actually not very hot or special (especially when compared to some other films from the era), and I believe it is talked about so much because this is a mainstream film [Dino De Laurentiis produced this].
I consider Django Unchained (2012) to be a modern masterpiece (if a bit cartoonish), but if you really want to see a great uprising film you better check Mandingo (1975) out (the finale is memorable). And if you need further recommended watching, try to see Addio zio Tom (1971) which is extremely violent.

Sexteen (1975)
This adult movie was directed by legend Howard Ziehm and the title cards look like they could be used by psychedelic rock bands for their albums’ covers (they are difficult to read). The fact that said cards are accompanied by the sound of wind makes the whole thing even more special. What’s not to like?
The film kicks off on a rainy day. The lead couple is making love. She is wearing blue panties, which is my favourite colour when it comes to underwear. But all of a sudden a weirdo appears and says that he is “Death, the Angel of the Dead” [Grover Griffith]. He’s reading from a blank papyrus and says that for the last 500 years he can’t get laid. He will spare the lives of the two young lovers if they manage to give him a hard-on with their stories. How convenient and formulaic is that?
The first story is about a 15 year old girl (well, she really looks like 20), who masturbates with a dildo, until her dad caught her. He says that he understands and has his way with her (“Let Daddy teach you”).
The second story is about an exhibitionist girl which attracts a peeping tom. When she leads him to her apartment, he finds her masturbating, and is then “raping” her.
The third story is about a virgin bride who unwillingly is about to marry a rich 65 year old. Her black girlfriend seduces her (and the result is some good lesbian sex). A bit later, the same black girl fucks a white man. Those are the two sole interracial sex scenes of interest.
The fourth story is predictably an orgy that happens between a dude and three girls.
Death has finally got a hard-on and pardons the young protagonists.

In Sarah's Eyes (1975)
The title’s girl [Lorraine Alraune] is visiting her psychiatrist and tells him about her sexual fantasies [her voice-over throughout the picture makes her indeed seem mental], which is very convenient for Katya Kiss’ screenplay. She soon sucks his cock, but during their chat the action axis gets broken, and the eye line doesn’t match. Yes. We’re indeed up for some bottom of the barrel crap, directed by Carter Stevens.
The first fantasy is a lesbian scene (with one of her girlfriends) on the kitchen floor (which I imagine was very cold, but they pulled off the stunt).
The second fantasy is a foursome (two males and two females) that happens after dinner and a round of Monopoly game.
The third fantasy is the longest. In this one she’s on her wedding day and sucks cock in front of all the guests. Soon the whole gathering will accommodate an orgy, during which a black girl sucks a moustached white guy. Said black girl later fucks another white guy. An Asian girl sucks the moustached guy too. This scene is not only interesting because of the interracial sex box ticking, but also because the psychedelic rock soundtrack goes bananas and the guitar player is soloing like there’s no tomorrow.
In the last fantasy the protagonist gets raped, but nonetheless she again fucks her doctor.

Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (1975)
Once upon a time a friend tried to introduce me to Pier Paolo Pasolini’s filmography, but I couldn’t get into it. His films seemed to be too political for my taste. I had seen Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (1975) when I was really young and I was most impressed by Tonino Delli Colli’s cinematography. The director of photography who shot Once Upon a Time in America (1984) delivered what are in my opinion the best shades of grey committed to celluloid.
Years passed and I bought Criterion’s 2-DVD edition of Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (1975) for my collection. I read the booklet and watched the bonus materials, but didn’t bother with the film, because I rarely watch something twice. But, for the purpose of this article I did.
I am a big fan of Marquis de Sade, and I have read all his work that is available, and the film contains many of his classic themes, but takes place in 1944-1945 Northern Italy during the Nazi occupation. The movie is divided in four chapters.
“Antechamber of Hell”, the first chapter, finds a bunch of young guys and girls kidnapped by the fascists in both uniforms and civilian clothes. One of them tries to escape and is executed. The captives are forced to undress. Soon the sadists will read them their rules and what the punishment will be shall those are disobeyed.
“Circle of Obsessions” is the second chapter, in which we find the slaves serving their masters naked. They get raped too, again and again. The fascists arrange a creepy marriage between two of the slaves. They force the kids to have sex in front of them, and then rape them. A bit later there is a disgusting scene in which all of the slaves are on a leash and collar like dogs, woofing for food. One of them tries to escape the humiliation but gets whipped. Another one gets some bread to eat, only to find out that one of the fascists had put nails in them. I believe that the film is trying to tell us that capitalism is providing shit, and you should eat shit and enjoy, because if you don’t, then you are an enemy to the establishment.
And speaking of shit, the third chapter is called “Circle of Shit”, in which the fascists force the slaves to literally eat shit. One of the fascists prefers urine.
And the final chapter is called “Circle of Blood”, and it is the most gruesome, as it contains scenes of the fascists (who occasionally get dressed as women) torturing the slaves in a variety of ways (burning genitals, tongue cut-off, eyeball pulled out, scalp cut-off etc.). Also in this chapter, you will find the sole brief interracial sex scene, and it happens between two captives, a black girl and a white boy. They are both executed by the fascists.
This is a film from an era (the anything-goes ‘70s), that even a studio like MGM had the guts to distribute it in certain territories. It was presented by Alberto Grimaldi [Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo. (1966)] and it has an exceptional (but modest) score by Ennio Morricone, only a decade after he composed Per un pugno di dollari (1964). The director was a known leftist, so with such subject matter on his hands it was obvious that it would cause the controversy it did by censorship boards all over the world and conservative critics alike.

Confessions of a Teenage Peanut Butter Freak (1975)
A girl is reading in a book the film’s credits. Nobody can really make out what they are. Rock ‘n’ roll music is busting out and we cut in a nightclub where we see the band playing it and a fantasy that a girl is riding a guy. In the next scene, Billy, the title’s character [Zachary Strong, who looks like John Lennon and also directed the movie] and the girl do it in a car, but he unloads his cum much too soon.
The film properly kicks off when the protagonist goes to Priscilla’s [Helen Madigan from Deep Throat Part II (1974)] house and while being goofy he shares stories from his sexual past.
First of all, Billy tells us how he was addicted to masturbation, and in a priceless flashback scene he’s getting caught by his aunt and accidentally unloads his cum on her face. This is incredibly funny. She then teaches him lovemaking. She’s putting peanut butter on her pussy in order to make it tastier for Billy. The whole thing seems to be about peanut butter as the title rightly suggests. The next flashback scene finds Billy spying on her lesbian cousin with her girlfriend. Soon he will join in.
Now it is time for Priscilla to share a story and she tells us one from when she was younger and playing in the fields with two guys, one white and one black. This is the sole interracial sex scene of interest in this film.
It is now time for Billy to share one more (flashback) story, the last one. His friend Jeff [porn legend John Holmes] sets him up with chess maniac (yes, you read that right) Gloria [cutie Veronica Taylor], but he’s much too shy at first. So Jeff takes over with his huge dick, and then Billy joins in.
Finally the lead couple, Priscilla and Billy, have sex and get married.

China Doll (1975)
The film kicks off with a few words by Mickey Finn [Alan Marlow] about New York. He is a private eye and wakes up with a hangover, only to find his telephone in the refrigerator. The call is about a mission: to find a runaway 16 year old girl.
This film by writer, producer, editor and director Shaun Costello stands out because it marks the debut of porn star Vanessa del Rio, a Latina whose oral biography book Fifty Years of Slightly Slutty Behavior, I enjoyed very much. It comes with a DVD that includes clips from her classics.

Savage Lust (1975)
There are three white girls at the beach, one of them leaves and the other two get topless and try to sunbath (there really is no sun to help them). Two guys (one black and one white) spy on them with binoculars and soon decide to rape them (the scene is quite uncomfortable). In the meanwhile, elsewhere around the beach, their friend gets naked for a moustached photographer. When the shooting is over they find the poor girls tied up. The guy with the camera is seemingly only interested in taking their pictures. The girls don’t seem to be devastated because as soon as they find shelter at the photographer’s place they have some lesbian sex, and a bit later they fuck him.

Rape Victims (1975)
Director Richard Mailer’s film kicks off with some creepy music which made me believe that this will be the article’s darkest movie (not only in terms of cinematography but in terms of overall feeling). I’m not sure if was wrong or right, because ISH #3 has plenty of sleaze.
A couple is fucking and the scene is intercut with a shot of a baklava wearing weirdo. She can’t enjoy the intercourse and her husband suggests a clinic for rape victims. There she goes. She was raped and naturally couldn’t get it off her mind.
The female lead is one of the two patients of the counsellor. The other one is a guy [David Williams] whom, judging by his looks, no woman would ever want to rape. In her story she was robbed and raped by a baklava-wearing guy. His story is not much different as he was robbed and raped in a sleazy warehouse by two girls [one of them is Vanessa del Rio]. Before them there was another girl in which’s story she was raped in an equally seedy apartment by two guys, one black and the other white. The editing goes annoyingly back and forth, but the ending is scary and quite surprising so I will not reveal it.
What did I learn from this movie? That rape is an equal opportunity atrocity, it can happen by and to anyone, regardless of race and gender.

Sue Prentiss R.N. (1975)
This film from director Ron Dorfman [he was the cinematographer in next year’s Bloodsucking Freaks (1976)] is supposedly sci-fi porn, but doesn’t qualify as science fiction in my book because a room full of colours and a voice from beyond is not too scientific... It does qualify as an adult movie though as everybody is fucking everybody in what seems to be a “one day wonder” (a flick that was shot in one day) as everything takes place in seemingly the same interior “sets”. For some reason the girls collect the guys’ semen in bottles. And for some other reason in the first scene the guys get naked and the girls don’t, for a change. The most memorable scene finds a girl putting two cocks in her mouth at the same time, and then the same two cocks go in her vagina at the same time, and then one in her pussy and the other in her ass.

Innocent Girl (1975)
The film kicks off with a white client having sex (and hanging from the ceiling) with a black prostitute. Her black pimp is as stereotypical as they come. Said pimp finds a white girl in a bus station and hangs out with her a bit, until her white boyfriend comes and takes her away. The couple has sex and somebody is watching. A bit later, the white female lead calls the black pimp and books an appointment at his hotel for the next morning.
The next morning the black pimp and the white girl have sex (anal included). He’s very busy though and soon he sets up a black prostitute with a white client and the three of them naturally have a threesome.
In the next scene, in front of the shocked girl, a person gives a blowjob to guy. Soon the person who was on his knees will undress only to reveal that it was a woman in a fake wig and moustache. In the final scene the protagonist will surprisingly give in to some lesbian sex with the black prostitute.

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