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April 23, 2014

Movie Review: Nurse 3D (Blu-ray, 2014)

The whole “nurse” fantasy has been played out numerous times in films. Most notably, genre fans may remember Roger Corman’s prolific output in the “nurse” sexploitation department with late-night cable staples The Student Nurses and Candy Stripe Nurses. We’ve also seen the other angle with the killer nurse in the slashers Nurse Sherri and the Death Nurse films. Writer / Director Douglas Aarniokoski takes both motifs and combined them in making really sexy (and often naked) psycho nurse with his feature Nurse 3D.

Boardwalk Empire’s Paz de la Huerta plays Abby Russell, a pouty-lipped, scrumptiously bottom-heavy killer nurse looking to make sleazy, cheating men an endangered species. She uses her skill as a nurse to off these unpleasant fellows in a variety of ways – some even cringe-inducing for those with anything swinging in their trousers.

Though I did not get to view the 3D version of Nurse 3D but I could see the 3D FX add some more entertainment to the film and they don’t look completely overdone albeit many are of the CGI variety.  Lionsgate has done a nice job in the extras department. The interviews are solid as we get to hear from Paz, Katrina and others on set about their characters.There is also an audio commentary with the director.

I love the gimmick, the blood and the extremely generous nudity in Nurse 3D.  The story and characters may be a bit cliché but all in all it’s a fun time and a nice switch from the usual slasher film. Worth a look!

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