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May 21, 2014

Interracial Sex Havoc Part #4: 1976

We continue our journey through interracial sex in the movies, and this time we’ll take a look at films from 1976. Not all films included here are pornographic, but they had to have at least one interracial sex scene in order to qualify. For this chapter I wrote about plenty of golden age porn [a couple featuring John Holmes], a horror/porn hybrid, a musical/porn hybrid, a Martin Scorsese masterpiece, and more. So, enjoy!

Honey Pie (1976)
The beginning credits’ sketches bring to mind the sleaze paperbacks of the era. This film was directed by Howard Ziehm.
The first scene consists of a girl and a guy having sex in the morning. A bit later the girl leaves, inserts a vibrator in her vagina and takes a ride with a taxi. The taxi driver thinks that there’s something wrong with his fare meter, but in reality he’s listening to the noisy vibrator.
The second sex scene happens between an M.I.L.F. and a young guy. And the third scene is a lesbian one.
Out in the woods, two friends see a married woman, one of them says “Watch what you’re doing” and the other replies “I’d like to do what I’m watching”, and so they decide to do her. She’s open for some double penetration and she’s the hottest person in this movie [Terri Hall].
In the fourth scene, two journalists (one guy and one girl) fuck in the office. The last scene is a BDSM one, in which a white girl is used by a black guy and another white girl. There are many toys used in this one, such as a vibrator, nipple clips, and chains.

Wet Wilderness (1976)
A bunch of people go to the title’s location. First we see a female photographer shooting pictures of a naked girl with unsaved armpits before they give in to some hot lesbian sex. This is interrupted when a man with a machete comes (he wears a yellow balaclava with the word “love” written on top of it) and joins in. After he is satisfied he kills the model, while the photographer escapes.
The escapee finds her mother and brother but soon the killer captures all three of them and forces mom and son into some incestuous sex. The main girl escapes again, and finds a black man tied-up. She unties him, but soon the killer with the blue eyes (or maybe they’re green, I’m not sure, the quality of my copy is shit) forces them into some interracial sex.
Finally the murderer kills the black man with an axe and is left alone with mother and daughter. When they are forced to suck him, the daughter grabs the machete and the flick ends.
Utilizing music from Psycho (1960), this porn/horror hybrid by director Lee Cooper is a masterpiece in my book.

Taxi Driver (1976)
Director Martin Scorsese’s film kicks off with epic trademark shots of a taxi driving through foggy New York whilst Bernard Herrmann’s music is perfect. And even the voice-over that follows works. I believe Scorsese is the only director employing this technique while making good movies.
Travis Bickle [Robert De Niro] is 26 and can’t sleep at nights, he tried all sorts of things to kill the early hours without success. Now he applies for a job as a taxi driver [to Joe Spinell, no less] because he might as well get paid for staying up late. But, he despises people of the night. He’s weird, and he almost gets in trouble for chatting up with a theatre’s clerk.
Travis will soon develop an interest for a classy girl [Cybill Shepherd] who works for the presidential campaign of Charles Palantine [Leonard Harris]. She seems interested in him, but he becomes obsessed. They date a bit, but the thing is over once he takes her to a grindhouse cinema (that explains a lot). On the theatre’s screen, and for only a second, we see an orgy with many white bodies and a black girl.
A little bit before that, Travis meets underage prostitute Iris [Jodie Foster]. Late at night, Travis gets a passenger [Martin Scorsese]. Said passenger asks him to stop in front of building and shows him a window. He tells us that this is a black guy’s apartment and we see his wife (in silhouette) whom we assume is white.
Anyway, Travis decides to buy a collection of guns, and soon he shoots a robber. Soon he meets Iris’ pimp [Harvey Keitel] and is disgusted, because said scumbag proudly states that the poor thing is only 12 years old. It is oxymoron though that Travis wants to clean up the streets while attending seedy porn theatres.
This is essentially two movies combined in one. On the one hand we get this unfulfilled love story between Shepherd and De Niro, and on the other hand his vigilante story in which he’s on an armed mission. And there’s some political commentary thrown in for good measure. But I believe most of you have seen this already. “Are you talking to me?”

Midnight Desires (1976)
Four friends (2 guys and 2 girls) gather in a resort and play a game in which each one of them has to share his/her favourite sexual fantasy, which is very convenient for a porn movie.
In the first story, the narrator girl is handcuffed and locked in a white room. That is, until the door opens and she finds herself in the middle of a weird religious ceremony in which she gets punished. She gets whipped and fucked.
In the second story, one of the guys who is a foot fetishist participate in a threesome with a girl and a prostitute. Said prostitute fucks him with a strap-on in the ass while he fucks the girl.
In the third story, the other guy is a boxer and because he’s annoyed by a mob character, he fucks his girlfriend [Vanessa del Rio] with his friends in the locker room.
The fourth story is a costume drama orgy (there’s really no better way to describe it).
Adult movie auteur Shaun Costello edited, produced, wrote and directed this, and the acting is excellent (I am not joking) and the locations are superb.

The Night of Submission (1976)
We see the beginning’s credits in flames. One thing I like about classic porn is the unique credit sequences. Anyway, a voice-over talks a bit about voodoo and tells us how ignorant we are on the subject. Then the film cuts straight to hardcore sex.
The movie starts properly a bit later, with a BDSM ceremony, involving a tied-up girl. In the meanwhile a photographer is secretly taking pictures for an assignment. An orgy follows. The leader is a black guy, but every other participant is white, including a girl with a pentagram tattooed on her ass.
In the meanwhile, the film’s male journalist says that he’d participate in such acts with his wife. “My wife is one bitch, and I’d love to beat the shit out of her”. For his research he meets with some people in a cafe but he’s not interested in Anton LaVey’s book. Vanessa del Rio is a waitress there and soon ends up with a cock in her mouth.
Anyway, back to more ceremonial stuff with plenty of sex, and once this is over, we see the journalist saying how he typed 200 pages on the film’s subject, yet when his girlfriend gets hold of them the pages are blank!
You see, Joe Davian’s film ticks many boxes, but fails to entertain.

Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy (1976)
I didn’t like Tim Burton’s film, and I haven’t read the book, so I decided to take a chance with the Alice of the anything-goes ‘70s...
Alice [sexy beyond words Kristine DeBell] works in a bookstore (which has a Greek flag hanging on the wall for no apparent reason) and won’t have sex with her boyfriend William [Ron Nelson]. Soon she will meet a rabbit [Larry Gelman in costume] and she’ll follow him through a mirror (yes, the special effects are good). She will then drink something and become small and jump into the Wonderland dimension.
Soon Alice will meet more animals (again, people in costumes) and here comes the first erotic scene: the animals will lick her (I repeat, this is not a bestiality picture, but actors in costumes). Once she’s dry she’ll go somewhere quiet to masturbate. A bit later she’ll meet Mad Hatter [Alan Novak] and she’ll give him head.
Alice will witness some lesbian sex and then she’ll give a desperate animal a hard-on (again, a man in costume, you pervert). Now she gets really into watching and she sees one more couple having sex. And then she will see a white girl riding a black knight.
As it was expected we get to see an orgy for the ending, in which the King of Hearts [John Lawrence] is black and every other participant is white. Alice escapes wonderland when she jumps into a river (the underwater shots are excellent). Once she’s back to the “real” world she decides to lose her virginity to her boyfriend and they live happily ever after.
Now, as the title suggests, the film is full of singing and dancing (the choreography is average, but the songs are very good) and the whole thing works great as a musical, because everything the actors sing about (especially Alice) is adding depth to the characters they are playing and moves the story forward. I can’t believe I’m writing this for a ‘70s adult film, but it is actually a well-made and expensive-looking musical.
Bud Townsend [Nightmare in Wax (1969)] directed this, and most of the shots are great [Joseph Bardo was the cinematographer]. The set design is a bit stagy, but overall brilliant. This film sets the standards pretty high.
Female Chauvinists (1976)
This adult film was directed by Jay Jackson and is a sexist satire of the feminist movement. It is also very boring and not funny at all.
For starters, the feminists won’t let a transsexual join their demonstrations. But the film really kicks off when a girl with enormous tits has sex with a guy while a photographer is taking pictures of them, soon he will convince her to join the movement. “They are just women; they need a man to straighten them up”.
On with the show, women are using bottles as sex toys and one of them says that she became a lesbian because her father raped her when she was young.
Anyway, there’s loads of interracial sex in this one, mainly between a black girl and several white performers. GOD IS A FEMALE.

Love Slaves (1976)
In a seedy warehouse (with its walls painted white) two men with tuxedos drug girls and turn them into sex objects. They also train them to become killers on command, but who would want to employ (in any capacity) caged zombies is not clear.
There is a cop [John Leslie] investigating the case, but soon his sister Karen [Tanya Shea] is captured by the underground and she will perform lesbian sex with a hot blonde. But before becoming a love slave, we see Karen reading the Playgirl magazine and masturbating, which is a great little cultural reference.
The sole interracial sex scene of interest happens when a black female captive is having sex with a white mannequin and then moves on to a white guy. But the best thing about this movie is a couple of close-up shots of the main villain wearing sunglasses which reflect the victim he’s addressing (yes, really creepy).
Guns, drugs, prostitution, hypnotism, this is a film for the whole family (that is, if your family is totally depraved). As I watching this adult film directed by Bob Chinn, the lyrics from Magazine’s Permafrost song came to mind: “I will drug you and fuck you / on the permafrost”.

The Girls in the Band (1976)
It is the New Year’s Eve and in the middle of a huge parade a sleazy reporter is asking annoying questions to young hippies. Some people in the background wave towards the camera seemingly unaware that the footage will end up in an adult film written and directed by Andrea Scott.
The film properly starts with a couple having sex (the guy cums in close-up and while we see the TV in the background in some sort of weird parody moment), but gets interesting once another couple is mixing food with pleasure as in placing fruits and cream on the dick for a tasty blowjob. The editing [by Wilfred Candour] goes back and forth which is really annoying.
John Holmes receives a double blowjob, and another guy has his way with two girls as well. The first scene of interest happens between a white girl and a moustached black guy. The second scene of interest happens between another white girl and a black guy with a funny ring. Said couple will be joined by the sleazy reporter for a threesome, and that’s how the film ends.

Souperman (1976)
It’s great seeing porn legend Marc Stevens [Devil in Miss Jones (1973)] starring in the title role, wearing red converse shoes, red cape and blue underwear and running around the metropolis. The funniest moment is when he waits for a guy to finish his call in order to change clothes in the phone booth. But there are many good jokes in this super-hero parody.
Anyway, the thing is that the antagonist, super-villain Luther [Roger Caine from Martin (1976)] has developed a secret formula with which he will try to stop people from having sex. We learn that from Souperman, he says so in a TV interview he gives to Fred Lincoln. Yes, Mr. Lincoln, the star from The Last House on the Left (1972), wrote, produced, and directed this adult film.
There are two interracial sex scenes of interest and they are both orgies. The first one happens between two white females, a white male and a black female, while the second one happens between four white girls, Luther and a black female (Souperman joins a bit later).
Another scene I liked was when a girl wore candy panties in order to make pussy-licking more attractive to her partner.

Spirit of Seventy Sex (1976)
“KREMLIN SISTERS FILM DYNASTY IN ASSOCIATION WITH NOBODY IN PARTICULAR PROUDLY PRESENTS”, with a title card like that you think that you’re in for something special, but this is not the case with this film directed by Stu Segall [Drive In Massacre (1977)].
This is a boring collage of standard sex scenes starring known porn faces [such as Annette Haven] while dressed in period costumes and talking about historical nonsense. Certainly not the kind of information one would like to receive from his porn.
The sole interracial sex scene of interest happens between Captain John Smith [John Holmes] and a black girl (“He wanted women like his coffee: hot and black”).

Girl Scout Cookies (1976)
Two white prostitutes (one blonde and one brunette) talk about how the mayor is after crime and how they can’t work on the streets anymore because everybody out there is a cop. Soon they will be joined by a black client who’ll have his way with them (ass licking is included).
Once the sex scene is over, the blonde prostitute buys four boxes of cookies and gets an idea: to sell cookies along with her body. She soon gets her first customer, but the thing is, he already has a girl tied-up in his apartment (one with a pentagram tattooed on her ass). So they have a threesome (some whipping included).
In the meanwhile, the other prostitute is getting arrested on the street, but the two cops will give her a “break” by having a threesome with her. Double blowjob is included, and the in the end the guys cum on each other’s cocks (homophobic people beware).
Shaun Costello’s film ends conveniently with an orgy, in which most of the film’s actors and actresses participate. “Take this black candy-bar”.

Bang Bang You Got It! (1976)
This adult film from director Chuck Vincent is really a television satire. There is a pre-credits radio announcement about a serial rapist who escaped a clinic for the criminally insane, but we hear nothing about this plot throughout the rest of the movie. The funniest thing about this movie is the beginning’s credits, as we don’t see titles but we listen to a voice-over explaining who did what accompanied with funny images such as a set collapsing when the name of the art director is announced.
The rest of the movie is a compilation of small episodes: 1st a phone sex scene, 2nd making fun of Bulgarian blowjobs (I really didn’t get this one), 3rd a short gay joke, 4th a story of a black girl having her way with three white “dykes”, 5th some puppets narrating a story which ends as an orgy. Here the film is interrupted for a stupid fake commercial. And on with the show: 6th making fun of doctor shows, 7th a psychiatrist story, 8th a couple simply having sex, 9th TV panel parody, 10th Red Riding Hood parody (this is in my opinion the funniest sketch), 11th people with body painting engage in a funny conversation, 12th a bunch of women rape a man, 13th the TV panel again (“Do you get off on dead people?”).

Overnight Sensation (1976)
In this adult film, people audition in order to get a part in a sex documentary based on their most intimate fantasies. I don’t know if this was the intention or not, but most of the guys look pathetic and most of the girls are gorgeous. There are two interracial sex scenes of interest and they are very similar to each other: they are both orgies (one early on and the other as the final scene) and both are featuring the same black man and a bunch of white performers.

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