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February 9, 2016

Love is a Dangerous Game (New Sensations Romance - 2011)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - February 9, 2016

Starring :

Richie Calhoun
Xander Corvus
Rocco Reed
Jack Lawrence
Natasha Nice
Kimberly Kane
Alyssa Branch
Kelly Klass

When children's writer, Paulina Connelly, decides to embark on a new career writing horror, she has no idea how it will completely change her life. Needing guidance, she seeks advice from acclaimed horror novelist, Wes Mueller. In their first phone conversation she feels an undeniable connection and agrees to meet with him. But, as their relationship progresses, information about his suspicious past comes to light causing her to fear for her own safety. Is Wes the man of her dreams?...or will Paulina be his next victim? Things aren't always what they seem in this quirky, suspenseful romance!

(Runtime - 1 hr. 34 mins.)


In the film, LOVE IS A DANGEROUS GAME, despite finding great success with her series of "Molly the Magical Meerkat" books, children's book Author, "Paulina Connelly"(Natasha Nice), looks to make a career change, when she is inspired to pen a Horror novel, by the works of best selling Horror Novelist, "Wes Mueller"(Richie Calhoun).  She finds his work, both edgy and exciting, which is just the type of stuff that she hopes to soon write herself.  It takes some convincing on Paulina's part, but soon, she convinces her agent, Donald"(Jack Lawrence), to give her a shot.  However, for Paulina, there is only one problem - she doesn't know where to begin.  Looking for inspiration, who better to call, than the very man whom inspired her in the first place?  Although he has an unlisted number, the savvy Paulina is able to locate and purchase Mueller's number online, and soon calls him up.  Wes Mueller, who seems to live a secluded lifestyle, is at first, put off by the call.  But when he learns of her identity, he is rather thrilled, as he explains that his niece, just so happens to be a fan of "Molly the Meerkat".  From there, sparks conversation, followed with Mueller being glad to help her.  The two soon hit it off, much to the chagrin of Paulina's sister, "Sara"(Kimberly Kane) and her boyfriend, "Craig"(Rocco Reed), who both believe that Mueller is a shady character,  Because, after all, any Author who writes stories with titles such as "Torture Devices of the Soul" "Stungun City" and "Bullet in the Heart of Hate", must be crazy, right?  Paulina initially blows it off, but it is when Sara and Craig locate an article in as issue of "Novelist Monthly". that things about Mueller, begin to look rather suspicious.  The article, published one year ago, chronicles Mueller's 3 month stay in an institution, due to a mental illness.  Could Sara and Craig actually be right?  Could his  story be far more fact than fiction?  It's possible.  And because of that Paulina shuts him out, although he continues to call.  Fast forward in time a little, and it has been some time since she last spoke to Mueller.  However, in a surprise, he unexpectedly shows up at her door, just as she is getting ready to go to dinner.  So, is he there to slaughter her in cold blood?  Not quite.  In fact, he has a plausible explanation for everything, cluing us in on just has dedicated he is to his work.  But that doesn't mean that the two can't have a little fun with Sara and Craig.  When they show up to dinner together, Mueller is quick to assume the act of unhinged crazy person, much to the delight of Paulina, and the real life Horror of Sara and Craig.  In the end, Paulina discovers that sometimes assumptions aren't always true, and that sometimes love finds you when you least expect it.

Well, he's an interesting one from Writer Jacky St. James and Director Eddie Powell.  It's about a young woman named Paulina Connelly, who is already an accomplished children's Author, but she wants a change of pace.  Wants to write something more edgy, something that is more adult oriented.  Something along the lines of the work of a man that she admires, Horror Novelist, "Wes Mueller"(A nice nod to Wes Craven, one would assume?).  The script presents Paulina's journey to pen her first Horror book.  It's a journey that not only leads her to her idol, but also unexpected love with him, as well.  However, it's not that cut and dry, as the film presents an element of mystery, and a slight tinge of suspense, as it presents the possibility, that Wes Mueller just might not be as sane as he pretends to be.  I mean, what is that mental institution stay all, about, anyway?  That is addressed, as well as a few other funny scenes, which cater to the notion that Mueller, might be crazy.  Personally, I liked the story, and the whole idea of a Horror author, who just might be a little more than just inspired in his work.  It reminds me of how some parents think of Heavy Metal artists. "Well, they must worship Satan!"  It's the same about Horror novelists, I suppose.  Just how does Stephen King come up with those stories?.  I loved that, for a moment that the story kept a suspenseful air about the character "Wes Mueller"(Richie Calhoun), leaving us to ponder where the story would go. Was Sara and Craig's suspicion correct - was Mueller secretly a psychopath?  The film was really good while the mystery was alive, however, soon the jig is up.  And while the suspicion continues for Sara and Craig in the end, we, the audience, when it comes to our main characters, "Paulina" and "Wes", get a most typical love story.  It is a story that ends well for them, but it is just not as interesting as was the suspense.  However, that is not to discredit the film at all, as it is still a very good film, with all things suspense, comedy, wit, as well as style.  I personally loved the opening of the film, in which we see a scene from the Wes Mueller novel, "Max's Axe" play out on screen.  Xander Corvus and Alyssa Branch portray a couple of fugitives on the run, as they take shelter within a storage room. The two eventually have sex there, shortly before being killed. The opening sequence is a product of Paulina's imagination coming alive as she becomes engrossed in a good book.  The sequence is very nicely shot.  Very cinematic.  Something should also be mentioned about the little twist that we see at the film's end as well.  While I won't reveal what happens, and who is exactly involved, it is straight out of a B-Horror flick.  It's not really shocking, but it's fun.

The cast was great, here as the film is filled with beautiful women. Natasha Nice, Kimberly Kane, Alyssa Branch and Kelly Klass, were all reasons to want to see the film. Natasha Nice, was a great choice as the children's Author, turned aspiring Horror Novelist.  Her portrayal is nice and sweet, but don't let that fool you, because when it comes to sex, she completely turns it on.  I really like her.  Both She and Richie Calhoun play together nicely(in more ways than one!).  And individually, Calhoun plays mysterious/eccentric to funny effect at times.  Also here, Kimberly Kane, brings the funny, as she has often.  This time as the sister, "Sara".  Also goofy, as he plays off well against Kane is Rocco Reed as "Craig", "Sara's" boyfriend. Elsewhere are Jack Lawrence, as Paulina's agent, and Kelly Klass, as a 23 year old college student looking for a big break - and would do just about anything to get it(yes, even that!). Klass is really cute, and like 2 of the other ladies here, was someone that I had only seen in scenes, not a feature.

In terms of quality, LOVE IS A DANGEROUS GAME is a quality effort.  Of the same quality that we have come to expect from not only St. James but Powell as well.  The story is imaginative, it looks nice, and the writing smart, and filled with wit. I enjoyed the overall story presented here, but honestly not as much as I have enjoyed others. To me, the story as a whole, in the end, felt a little incomplete.  Over the course of the film's duration, both suspense and comedy are built up, yet very little is done with either element except for moments unrelated to the main characters in the film. I just wish that there would have been a much more elaborate story than one with an obvious conclusion.
LOVE IS A DANGEROUS GAME features 4 boy/girl sexual pairings.  All of them are great individually.  But in choosing my favorite, i'd definitely have to go with the last scene involving Natasha Nice and Calhoun, followed by the third scene pairing of Kimberly Kane and Rocco Reed.  I mean, the Nice/Calhoun had all film to build, and when it happens it's worth it.  Not to mention that Natasha has such an incredible petite body.  And when it comes to the Kane/Reed scene, the action is rough, and who doesn't love Kane's energy and enthusiasm that she always brings!?

My Score : 6.5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Alyssa Branch and Xander Corvus
In the first scene, characters "James"(Xander Corvus), and "Elise"(Alyssa Branch) being chased by persons unseen.  They escape into a back room.  Convinced that they have not much time to live, James and Elise begin to have sex, for what could be the last time.  The two kiss, as Xander kisses her all over, before reaching her sensitive area between her legs.  Xander works Alyssa's pussy with his tongue and fingers briefly, before Alyssa starts to suck ans stroke Xander's cock, while also sucking on his balls.  Xander then takes her from behind as he slams it in.  This then goes to cowgirl, where Alyssa bounces and grinds on the cock, and also where Xander keeps things nice and steady as his cock plunges in.  Then it's back to a standing side fuck.  It is from here that Xander continues to pound away, until he pulls out to cum on to her hip.  The scene then cuts to narration by character, "Paulina Connelly"(Natasha Nice) who is reading the story in which "James" and "Elise" are featured characters. - A decent scene to start. I have always liked Alyssa Branch, but had never seen her in a feature(However she did have a bit part in LOST AND FOUND).  She is pretty hot.

Scene 2 : Kimberly Kane and Rocco Reed
After a little role playing, Paulina's sister "Sarah"(Kimberly Kane) and her boyfriend "Craig"(Rocco Reed) proceed to have sex.  It begins with some passionate kissing, but leads to Rocco massaging Kimberly's pussy, before she goes on to suck him off.  As she slurps his cock, he pulls her hair.  Rocco then massages her pussy more, before going on to go at the pussy with his mouth.  Next, Kimberly dictates what she wants done to her next, as the action soon takes from behind.  From behind in doggy, Rocco slips his cock is, and proceeds to band her hard and fast, before burying her face into the bed, to pound harder.  The action then transitions to spoon briefly, before going into missionary, where first Kimberly;s legs are open wide, before things tighten up for Rocco to drill it in hard.  Then things take to cowgirl, where Kimberly rides the cock nice and deep, as Rocco continues to fuck her hard.  Then things go back to missionary, where Rocco keeps up the hard pace, and soon works up to cum.  The scene ends with Rocco unloading on to Kimberly's bush.  - A pretty good scene with some nice, hard action.  I love Kimberly's dirty talk.  It always makes he scenes extra hot.

Scene 3 : Kelly Klass and Jack Lawrence
In an effort to secure a published novel, the determined college student Bonnie(Kelly Klass) seduces Agent "Donald"(Jack Lawrence), which leads to sex in his office.  It doesn't take Kelly long to go down on his cock, where she goes on to suck and stroke.  Jack eventually returns the favor.  He removes her panties and gets to work as he eats her out.  After, he slides it in, in missionary, where things go nice and slow.  Jack keeps a nice pace as he moves in and out of her hole.  From there things go to cowgirl, as Kelly bounces up and down on the cock, before things briefly go into standing cowgirl.  Things then go back to missionary, where things continue, before Jack must cum.  The scene comes to an end with Jack sprinkling his jizz on to Kelly's stomach.  - Another good scene, this time one with a feeling of spontaneity to it.  Nice action, which includes standing cowgirl.  Not to mention that Kelly Klass is extremely cute.

Scene 4 : Natasha Nice and Richie Calhoun
After the dinner at "Sarah"(Kimberly Kane) and "Craig's"(Rocco Reed) place, "Paulina"(Natasha Nice) and "Wes"(Richie Calhoun) go back to Paulina's house, where conversation leads Paulina to confess her instant feelings towards Wes.  One thing leads to another and soon, there are in the heat of passion, when passion leads to sex. As she is undressed, Richie pins her against the wall as they caress and kiss. this is before things take to the bed.  From behind, Richie briefly goes in on her pussy, before things transition to Natasha sucking Richie's cock, and to her eventually riding his face.  After, this is followed up with Natasha playfully slipping a condom onto Richie's cock with her mouth, before things get to business.  Things then take to spoon, where Richie keeps things at a nice pace, before Natasha hops on to the cock, positioned sideways, where she continues to be slammed.  Things then go to doggy, where Richie proceeds from behind.  He keeps up the pace for a period, before going on to briefly tongue her pussy.  Things then continue in missionary, where it continues, before Richie must pull out to cum, and does so on Natasha's stomach.  - I really like this scene.  I had known of Natasha Nice prior to this from her web work, but again, never had seen her in a feature.  She is one of my favorites, i'd say.  Petite, and sexy as fuck!

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