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August 23, 2010

Movie Review: Brainjacked (2010)

by Jeff Dolniak

When watching genre films, like most filmgoers, I yearn for something fresh… a film that isn't quite like the dozens of indie and mainstream movies I spend ninety to one-hundred minutes of my lifetime viewing. Recently the new sci-fi horror film Brainjacked came into my possession and I couldn't be more pleased with what I had viewed. The story takes place in the near future, where young Tristan (Chris Jackson) is having unbearable headaches. Excedrin is not going to help this guy at all, it's that bad.

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Along with his pounding noggin, he has to deal with the constant physical abuse of his slime-ball dad. There's really not much Tristan can do, but get the hell out of there. Enter Dr. Karas (Rod Grant), to ease Tristan's pains…with a nice giant drill to the head. In that drill, Dr. Karen has what is called a trepanation; sort of a wonder-drug that cures the monstrous migraines. It works to help Tristan but it also allows Dr. Karen to take command of his mind.

Brainjacked is a fine achievement by director, Andrew Allen and producer, Andy Lalino. Both share the honors of producing and writing Brainjacked. The make-up effects by splatter-master Marcus Koch are outstanding. We see drills penetrate through the forehead, craniums split open (or in one case, torn open by hand) and a gloriously messy, blood-soaked ending. Oh, and yes... there is nudity; lots of enhanced deliciousness. These guys know what they're doing here.

The production is top-notch too, as we are constantly bombarded with a superb usage of lush, vibrant colors that reminded me a lot of Dario Argento's Suspiria, an obvious technical influence. The color isn't just there as a prop either, it's wholly a part of the narrative. The acting performances are solid by the main characters, especially by Rod Grant; who has a playful, maniacal turn as Dr. Karen. Think Pablo Francisco meets Herbert West, and you have Dr. Karen. Some of the supporting actors…not so much. However, veteran cult film actor Joel Wynkoop makes it all better when he pops in for a brief role as television reporter, Norm Simpkins.

If you're yearning for one of the best sci-fi, horror, and exploitation films to come along in a long time, please check out Brainjacked… I command you!

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