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August 14, 2010

Movie Review: Magical Kanan Volume 1

by David Hayes

A terrible evil has been set loose on the city of Meihous. Evil Seeds have begun planting themselves in people and, in turn, creating demons. The Seeds, originally from the magical land of Ever Green, wreak havoc on the populace. The Queen of Ever Green sends two warriors to battle this evil, preventing the Seeds from spreading even further.

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One of these warriors takes on the form of Natsuki, a good looking young man. He is paired with a human girl, Chihaya and they form a magical bond. Of course, this is hentai, so the bond is a sexual one. Whenever Natsuki and Chihaya engage in any kind of sexual situation, they grow stronger magically and are better equipped to fight the Seed People (tentacle-laden plant demons). Natsuki, being from Ever Green, can transform into a pink, egg-shaped bunny for no apparent reason.

Natsuki's warrior friend from Ever Green also battles the Seed People, but his story is fairly uninteresting. He also pairs up with a human girl, Sayaka, who has trouble accepting her magical destiny and falls under the influence of the Seeds.

The Seed People, through the course of the episodes, are dastardly villains indeed. Harkening back to older hentai, their tentacles are used in various ingenious ways causing sexual mayhem and old-fashioned nastiness.

This is another nice-looking release from NuTech. The 4 DVD Box Set presentation is standard, main characters on the slipcase and individually on the keep cases. Audio on the presentation is also well done (although the subtitling could be a little more "in-synch" with the dialogue). All in all, another beautiful digital presentation from NuTech.

If there is ever a complaint with the NuTech DVDs it is the lack of extras. The price for a box set with a total running time of 120 minutes is a little high, especially when all you get in addition to the program is a still gallery from the program you had just watched.

Most hentai makes its way through 2 or 3 episodes. As a testament to the quality and just plain fun nature of Magical Kanan, the show went to four episodes and provided a two episode spin off.

All in all, Magical Kanan feels like a true hentai presentation. Devoid of much of the nastiness of current genre fare, Kanan is lighter in tone and has a nice, if not very story intensive, magical backdrop to the erotica. With enough nudity, sex and bizarre tentacle penetration, Magical Kanan should please today's current fan as well as provide something new for the older hentai fan that is uninterested in the modern vogue of non-consensual situations and hardcore fetishes.

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