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August 13, 2010

Movie Review: Incest Death Squad 2 (2010)

by Jeff Dolniak

When I think of the lovely state of Wisconsin, three names come to mind: Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer and director Cory J. Udler. Sorry folks, no Brett Favre here. He's just not as interesting as any of the three maniacs mentioned above. My focus in this film review won't be on Ed and JD but mid-west-sploitation micro-budget indie sleaze specialist, Cory J. Udler and his new film INCEST DEATH SQUAD 2.

The original INCEST DEATH SQUAD was an enjoyable ride, as you got to follow the exploits of Amber and Jeb Wayne, two siblings whom are "very" close. It's more funny than anything. INCEST DEATH SQUAD 2, while having some comical moments, INCEST DEATH SQUAD 2 is a much darker, nastier experience. Neither film is loaded with gore but part 2 has some especially unsettling scenes of face slicing and necrophilia that caught this sleaze fiend by surprise. The pace of the film is also very good compared to the first film. We essentially get a constant barrage of action and mayhem as Jeb, Amber and Aaron impose their will on innocent folk for the lord.

Performance wise, Tom Lodewyck, Greg Johnson and the adorable Carmela Wiese are outstanding as the three leads. Lodewyck completely flips roles from IDS as Aaron Burg and attempts to out crazy Amber and Jeb Wayne. A very tough task, if you've seen the original film but he pulls it off. I actually found myself becoming slightly more sympathetic to Amber and Jeb's arrangement. The actors have a noticeable chemistry that is hard to find in such a low-budget film. All three were fine in IDS 1, but with part 2 you can see an obvious improvement. Also, as a fellow chubby guy, I thought Greg Johnson having the balls (we see 'em too!) to do a post coitus nude scene with his sis in the film shows a commitment many of us turtling chubby dudes have no desire to do... get nekkid in front of a camera.

Udler wears many hats, as writer, producer and director. He really stepped his game up here with IDS 2. Visually, you get such a variety of shots that enhance the Midwest landscape where the bulk of our story is told. Many directors making their first few films tend to play it safe. Cory Udler doesn't do that. Udler does the impossible... and that's make Wisconsin look beautiful, while telling his tale of a brother and sister who love Jesus and killing.

As someone who dabbles a little in the indie film world, one of the coolest things to see is someone telling their story and succeeding no matter how demented the content is. INCEST DEATH SQUAD 2 is a perfect example of that. Be sure to watch the original film before delving into the insanity that is INCEST DEATH SQUAD 2 or your likely to be completely lost. Highly recommended!

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